Anime Expo 2012, Days 3 and 4

Two posts this week? Inconceivable! Here is Part II of my Anime Expo 2012 recap!

Got a bit of a late start to Day 3, so by the time I headed to con a bunch of my friends were already in line for the LiSA concert. They had an extra ticket so I decided to go check it out! I ran into some other friends who had actually bought their tickets, and during the concert one of them had to leave for an autograph session so I got to change seats! ^^b I did record the entire concert, but there are gaps from when I switched seats so I prolly won’t upload it.

I wanted to check out the NHK World roundtable that Tomo Neko and others were participating in, but the concert ran so late that I couldn’t go. :< Instead, I went to the dolldelight fashion show. Turns out there was more than one designer showing and I missed a good chunk of the dolldelight portion. DX

This Scarlet Witch’s costume was amazing! I wish I’d asked her how she made it.

I’m not really a fan of Eva, but this group was super awesome!

This girl. So cute. ;_; She’s cosplaying Ran-Mao from Black Butler (Kuroshitsuji).

I was supposed to go the dealers hall and I never made it in there, lol. I kept running into friends! Here’s my friend ichipuff7 as a Red Shirt from Star Trek!

And this is my friend Super Saki as Princess Sakura from Tsubasa Chronicles!

Little Luffy is adorbz!

Was thinking about checking out Masquerade but ran into friends and also wound up doing a photoshoot with Star Cat! Pictures from that are coming soon, but here’s a picture of a Jet Set Radio cosplayer she wanted, lol.

Afterwards, I randomly hung out with some other friends and took pictures of people before closing the night out with Dancing Queen at IHOP.

The final day of AX12 was so much less crowded, thankfully. Checked out of the hotel and hoofed it to the dealers hall to pick up a commission I’d ordered from one of my favorite deviantARTists (was too late to order one last year) but it wasn’t done yet. :< However, I did manage to see most of what I'd missed in the hall, including this kind of inappropriate set-up, lol.

I managed to make it to DQ’s Figure Collecting 101 panel, and was it packed!

BWAHAHAHA! Brilliant.

Wound up catching up with Cosplay Shots and Maridah at Danny Choo‘s meet and greet, then somehow wound up in DQ and Danny’s entourage as we headed to the itashas in South Hall. Someone should teach Danny the difference between the front side and the back side of cosplayers. ^^;

Got to catch Vensy‘s brilliant impression of an Amazon shipping box.

Have to say, it was pretty cool to be part of Danny and DQ’s entourage, if only for a brief, shining moment.

This is prolly the only time you should pose your daughters on the hood of any car.

Serious Business with AX Big Cheese’s brother.

Metroid, nice.

Eventually it was time to go, as my roomies were leaving. After my first LA train ride to my friend’s house to get my car, it was home to unload before running out again for a last-minute shoot with Leonore13 and sanitynevermore! Closed out the night in Little Tokyo with some friends, including Star and Rhyiel Adriel.

Loots! Even though I buy everything on-line nowadays, I did get a few things at-con. Clockwise from top left:
• Got the three figs from the awesome folks at ABCToy4Me for a great price on Day 4.
• Wish I’d been able to get a poster of the program guide; the art was sweet!
• Business cards from my friend Maridah and a deviantARTist I’ve been stalking for a while, aka-shiro. Tissue packets from Anime Singled Out (I… what?).
• Rightstuf GC b/c I happened to be standing at the right place at the right time. xD LiSA concert ticket.
• AX shirt, pen and bag from the AX Live taping on Day 1.
Firefall inflatable gun-thingy from Day 1, Heaven coin from Funimation, phone strap of Imagine-Nation TV mascot from Day 2 taping.
• AX badge with ribbons from my friend Eso! ♥

Be sure to check out the complete sets of photos via the links below! There are also a few videos on my YouTube Channel!

2012 07 01 Sun: Anime Expo 2012, Day 3
2012 07 02 Mon: Anime Expo 2012, Day 4

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Anime Expo 2012, Days 3 and 4
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