New Mascot! [May 2011]

25 May 2011

You may have noticed a new face here and there over the last week or so – I’m proud to introduce my new mascot! ^_^ ♥

She’s based mostly on TOTGA but I changed her up to make her a little more unique (and less identifiable, since TOTGA is based on a real person xD;; ). A trusty pen, brass brads for hairclips, and keyboard buttons for earrings — she’s a writer! xD Wanted to go with classier typewriter earrings, but was afraid no one would know what they were. orz

Colors are based on Ariel since I love The Little Mermaid. ♥ Was going to give her green hair but then I’m sure people would’ve thought she was a Hatsune Miku clone. It also would’ve meant demon eyes, lol. Ariel has blue eyes but wanted to give my mascot something a little different so she has different colored eyes. Heterochromia ftw!

Sketched her out by hand first and then scanned her in; traced and colored in Illustrator. I guess she’s technically my first “real” Illustrator work, since before this I’ve only used Illustrator to crop images or to make simple logos. There must be an easier way to do it, b/c I used a crapton of layers. ^^;

What you see here is a jpg export. She looks a bit grainy and I don’t know why. :/ Still have much to learn….

She also needs a name! Any suggestions?


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