I was tempted to name this Page “Anal” but I prolly don’t want the kind of traffic that Google would send me, lol.

But since I am a bit retentive, here are all the links to the full albums on both of my cosplay Facebook Pages (jimsha and jimsha: The Beginning Story), my filmmaking Facebook Page (agc pictures), as well as the Playlists on my YouTube Channel, collected here by year. I’ll also include links to the blog posts, but you prolly already know that they’re just abridged versions of the Facebook albums.

The Facebook portions of these lists are also in the Notes sections of my Facebook Pages (or should be; Facebook ate the last batch, which is why I decided to put them up here also >< ).

2009: Origins
2010: Strange New Worlds
• 2011: Blazing Trails [Coming Soon]
• 2012: The Age of Expansion [Coming Soon]
2013: Find and Replace [Uploads Partially Complete]
2014: The Law of Cycles
• 2015 [Coming Soon]

If you’re just looking for con and event coverage or photoshoots, you might be better served by browsing these dedicated Pages (updated regularly… though my idea of “regularly” might differ from yours ^^;; ):

Cons and Events


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