Goth × Loli Photoshoot [2012]

Ack! Been so busy with sales and catching up from the Thanksgiving holiday that I missed posting last week! DX

I’m working on a new sale for this week, but to make up for last week and to get into the spirit of the holidays, I will attempt something I’ve never tried before: The Twelve Posts of Christmas! I’m going to try to post daily over the next couple of weeks as my gift to you! All you yous who are out there. So, basically, uh, I guess no one. Hmm. :/

Anyway, at Anime Expo 2012, I had the honor and privilege of doing five(!) photoshoots! :O

Less Than Three

I’ve actually never done shoots at AX before, so it was quite fun to explore the venue. I first got in touch with Reina after the dolldelight Fashion Show at Monterey Park’s Cherry Blossom Festival back in April and we agreed to meet up on Day 2.


She introduced me to her friends Cloud and Sebastian, and then we went outside to shoot!


Since Reina’s a model, she had a bunch of different poses to use and for the others to try out!

Cloud in the Air

We tried this a few times and this one worked!

Reina and Cloud

Cloud hadn’t really modeled before so it was good to have a pro on-hand to direct her. 😀


Sebastian hadn’t modeled before either. I don’t remember if we consciously came up with this, but I’ve always liked this kind of pose. I got lucky with this shot! 😀


Of course, I’m also a fan of unposed poses, so I snapped this one when she wasn’t really expecting it. ^^;


We’d pretty much finished shooting by this point and we were just hanging out (that’s why Cloud has her badge on) but sometimes the best shots come when everyone is relaxed!

Everyone had a great time, and I’m glad they trusted me to take their pictures. I hope we’ll be able to do it again soon!

See the rest of the photos from this photoshoot on my Facebook!

2012 06 30 Sat: Goth × Loli Photoshoot

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Goth × Loli Photoshoot
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