2015: The Year in Photoshoots

19 July 2016

Since I was still in post-production for Looking for Miku and my con appearances were under the radar, I only did a couple of quick little shoots in 2015; here they are!

Ninja-Con 2015: Photoshoots

It’s always fun to shoot with my friend Aoi Mizuno! Since I was staffing Ninja-Con, this shoot was actually being run by someone else and I was able to sneak in for a few quick photos before I had to get back to work. See more of Aoi as Macross F‘s Ranka Lee as well as other cosplayers in the link above!

D23 Expo 2015, Day 3: Cosplay and Photo Areas

The only con that shows up less often than I do is D23 Expo, which takes place every two years! Spent most of my day at con like everyone does at anything run by Disney — stuck in line. However, being trapped in a queue means that other people are also, so I was able to at least get a few cosplayers, including this awesome Black Widow. Click the photo caption for more cosplay from D23!

Lolita Photoshoot [2015]

Finally, the one proper shoot I did all year took place at PMX with my friends in their Lolita dresses! We were on our way back from dinner heading to the CosFest Masquerade so it was really quick, but we still had fun taking pictures outside this awesome building!

Even though I didn’t do as many shoots as I’ve been able to in the past, it was still really fun to take these pictures of such great cosplays and outfits!

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Lolita Photoshoot [2015]

01 March 2016

EDIT: Fixed! Sorry for the delay; WordPress seems to be having problems with photo uploads. :p I’ve linked Facebook photos instead, so I hope you can see them. ^^;

Besides stealing some shots at Ninja-Con, hadn’t done an actual shoot in ages so was happy to do a quick little photoshoot with two of my friends on Day 2 of PMX!

My friends looked super cute and on our way to CosFest Masquerade, we passed by this awesome building (a post office!). Even though it was already kind of getting dark, I wanted to get some photos of them with this great backdrop.

Their outfits are so cute! (Wish I were better at Photoshop so I could get rid of the signs in the background, though.)

I really like the Gothic dress, and even though it’s not in the shot, the purse she was carrying is a miniature coffin!

Bunny tea party!

The white parasol is a nice contrast to the Gothic dress but also goes well with this cheery lolita one! Which outfit do you think the parasol goes better with?

Unfortunately, these were all the ones we were able to take before running back to con. :<

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2015 09 06 Sun: Lolita Photoshoot

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D23 Expo 2015, Day 3: Cosplay and Photo Areas

12 January 2016

The final album from this year’s D23 Expo features some awesome cosplays as well as the new Photo Spots at this year’s con!

The Expo had set up Photo Spots featuring characters, props, and backdrops. From cut-outs to full sets, areas and characters you could pose with ran the entirety of the Disney universe. Disney Infinity version of Yoda? Or Clone Wars version? Or both?

Tons of people were taking pictures of the Guardians of the Galaxy spacepod, but no one was actually taking pictures with it, lol.

Since I was stuck in line for the bulk of con and trying to hunt goodies the rest of the time, I didn’t run into as many cosplayers as I would’ve liked. However, there were a few who were stuck in line with me, like this Black Widow, so I decided to take full advantage of the hours (literally) that we were trapped together to take a few photos.

This Mary Poppins family was super sweet!

I love this take on Ursula! She was out of character, though, since she was really nice!

Out in the Emporium I ran into another Black Widow, this time with Captain America!

Found an Ariel! ❤

This Cruella De Vil was so awesome; she stayed in character the whole time! When I asked for a photo she was like, “I suppose”, and then when I showed it to her, she said, “That’ll do”. At least, I hope she was in character. ^^;

The one thing that seemed to be missing was the PhotoPass system that is featured at the Disney Parks and which used to be at Expos of years past. Guess they finally caught on that most of us Disney nerds prefer to bring our own photomakers and to spend the 20 bucks on other things!

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2015 08 16 Sun: D23 Expo 2015, Day 3: Cosplay and Photo Areas

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D23 Expo 2015, Day 3: Emporium and Shopping
D23 Expo 2015, Day 3: Cosplay and Photo Areas

Ninja-Con 2015: Photoshoots

27 October 2015

As usual, there were some great cosplays at Ninja-Con this year but since I was running around trying to cover as much of the con as possible I didn’t get to photograph very many of them. I even wound up missing most of the cosplay contest (though I was able to catch the judging portion)! D:

Luckily, I managed to steal some shots of my good friend Aoi Mizuno in my first shoot since my shoot with GNB Cosplay at PMX 2014.

Hadn’t shot in a while and Aoi was trying to, uh, encourage me. ^^;

Celeste Orchid (as Mulan) was the emcee for the cosplay contest.

Before the awarding of prizes, the judges (Cas Anvar, Yuks General, Angie Rikku Cosplay, and Garp Stavo Sauce) each said a few words as Ninja-Con Founder and CEO Danny Gonzales and cosplay contest emcee Celeste Orchid looked on. See the winners in the full album on Facebook (link below)!

Here’s Bomb Shell Cosplay as Katsuragi Misato from Evangelion.

Ariel and (Hipster?) Eric!

There are so many super sentai series that I have no idea where he’s from, but he was pretty awesome!

My friends and I were heading to dinner after the con ended and ran into these great Naruto cosplayers!

Hopefully I’ll be able to get more of the awesome cosplayers next year, especially since the Garden makes such a great backdrop!

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2015 06 06 Sat: Ninja-Con 2015: Photoshoots

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Ninja-Con 2015: Photoshoots

2014: The Year in Photoshoots

14 April 2015

Continuing on with recaps of 2014, here are all the photoshoots I was able to do! Since I was mainly working on my short film Looking for Miku, I didn’t get to do too many of them, but that made them even more special to me!

Tokari Maids Photoshoot (legit)

After wrapping Looking for Miku, I kicked off the year with a “legit” photoshoot with the Tokari Maids! The Maids rented a studio and everything, and I was lucky enough to be invited to participate. It was a great learning experience and I had lots of fun trying out different things!

Hikari Yukata Ver. Photoshoot

Shortly afterwards, Tokari Maid Hikari asked me to join her in Little Tokyo to shoot her in her lovely yukata. I enjoyed getting to know her as we checked out (and got chased out of ^^; ) all the picturesque spaces that the area has to offer!

Princess Jellyfish Photoshoot

At FanimeCon, I was lucky enough to run into Sojian-senpai not once, but twice! And both times, he happened to be going to shoots with the lovely Itsuka and her friends, so I was happy to tag along. ^^ The first session was with Itsuka and Suu Te Foo for their Princess Jellyfish photoshoot. Where the lighting was good, it was great! But where it was bad, it was terrible. Still, it was a fun time meeting a new friend and learning about characters that some other friends had been talking about for ages!

Fate/Zero Photoshoot

The second shoot of Fanime was of Itsuka’s Fate/Zero group! Besides meeting more new friends, I learned some new editing techniques which I hope will be handy in the future!

Ninja-Con 2014 Photoshoots

Since I was staffing Ninja-Con, I was really only able to do a few super-quick shoots (*cough* steal shots *cough*), including a couple with my friends Aoi Mizuno & shyot and Michael, before doing a private mini-shoot with Akana Amemoto (pictured above).

Tokari Maids of Ninja-Con 2014 Photoshoot

Of course, during the course of my official duties, I did get to shoot with the lovely Tokari Maids once more!

Catty Noir Photoshoot

The final shoot of the year was at PMX 2014 with my friend GNB Cosplay. Even though I’ve known and shot with Chocolate Covered Cosplay for years, this was the first time doing an actual solo shoot with Ginger!

Hopefully I’ll get to spend more time with friends new and old in 2015!

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Catty Noir Photoshoot [2014]

03 March 2015

Sorry for skipping the last couple of weeks! Between Presidents Day and Lunar New Year (Gong Hei Fat Choi, by the way!) it’s been kind of busy. But anyway, let’s finally wrap up 2014 with this post!

I ran into my friend GNB Cosplay during PMX 2014 and we did a photoshoot! I haven’t shot with her in forever–the last time was when I stole shots during my friend Megaman’s shoot during Nisei Week 2012 and the last proper shoot was the group shoot with Chocolate Covered Cosplay during FanimeCon 2012. :O

Ginger was cosplaying Catty Noir, a werecat who happens to be a pop star and teen idol attending Monster High. I don’t really know too much about Monster High except that some of my friends are crazy about it. xD Apparently, it’s a franchise based on a line of dolls created by Mattel featuring characters inspired by monster movies, sci-fi horror, thriller fiction, and other creatures.

Ginger is already tall and her boots made her even taller; it was hard getting shots at eye level! xD;;

Look at those crazy boots! How did she even manage to get anywhere?? :O

Besides walking, I'm not sure how Ginger sat, either–since she's a werecat, she also has a tail!

During our shoot, my senpai Sojian happened to be walking by and I managed to rope him into helping me with poses! He came up with lots of awesome ideas right off the top of his head and suggested camera placement and everything.

The editing of these photos was probably the biggest challenge I’ve ever faced, since Ginger hadn’t colored her hands and asked that I do them for her! D: Most of the time my edits just involve cropping and rotating, so I’m even worse at the post side of things than the actual shooting. v_v I did the best that I could, but maybe one day when I improve my Photoshop skills I’ll be able to revisit these and do them properly. Until then, I hope you enjoy these photos from our shoot!

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2014 11 08 Sat: Catty Noir Photoshoot

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Tokari Maids of Ninja-Con 2014 Photoshoot

12 August 2014

It’d been months since the Tokari Maids had hosted Spaghetti Night Tuesday on W̶e̶d̶n̶e̶s̶d̶a̶y̶ SATURDAY (their The Walking Dead event), which was the last time I’d been able to hang out with them! D: So even though everyone was busy working hard during Ninja-Con 2014, we were able to get together for a quick shoot in and around the lovely James Irvine Japanese Garden at the Japanese American Cultural & Community Center before we had to get back to our assignments!

Tokari’s Ninja-Con 2014 line-up!

The maids got matching uniforms for this year’s event!

Managed to grab Maid Yui for a couple of quick shots.

Maid Estela had performed with Maid Yui earlier; no wonder she needed her fan!

Always an honor and a privilege to shoot with the lovely maids of Tokari!

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2014 06 07 Sat: Tokari Maids of Ninja-Con 2014 Photoshoot

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Ninja-Con 2014 Photoshoots
Tokari Maids of Ninja-Con 2014 Photoshoot

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