Anime Expo 2012, Days 1 and 2

Still have some sales going on, but it’s time for another con post! This time it’s Anime Expo 2012!

AX12 was super busy. Not only did it take place on the same weekend at the same place as the X-Games, but since I’ve also gotten to know so many awesome and wonderful folks in the community, I kept randomly running into good friends and wound up just hanging out and spending some quality time with them! In fact, it began as soon as I got in line for pre-reg! ^_^b

This Sailor Moon group was pretty awesome.

Haha, these little guys were pretty cool! They must get all the chicks.

I wouldn’t want to catch them all if I were able to catch that one Pokemon. 😉

You’re doing too much, Bro…ny.

Brinni was a really good Yoko and she was so cool! We chatted a little about her hair clip since it was so unique. It’s because she made it herself!

Toradora!! (the first exclamation is actually in the title xD ) First time I’ve ever seen all three of them, including Minorin~ ♥

My friend Maridah! Was on my way somewhere with some dear friends I don’t see very often and this was the closest I got in public, lol. But I did get to check out a good bit of the dealers hall!

Mari! ♥ Finally got a picture of a Mari cosplayer after seeing one at last AX. Not enough love for Mari for some reason. :p

Ariel! I was even wearing my Arielism shirt that day and I showed it to her. xD

Mirai Millenium! She was just finishing up a photoshoot with a photog friend of mine.

When my friends went home, I ran into Team Saber and we caught the AX Live taping. Here’s a view of the dealers hall from there!

After the taping we went to check out Anime Singled Out. It was actually kind of fun! Afterwards, everyone decided to go home, so I headed back to my hotel. On the way, some Tomo Neko friends found me and we hung out in their room before we went to check out the dance (which had closed early for some reason). It was a pretty full day, even though I got there after noon!

Day 2 of AX Games — I mean, AX 2012 :p — was all about shoots! Had to be up early so NHK World could shoot Tomo Neko performing for their Imagine-Nation television show. SO EARLY. I guess I’m to blame, since I scheduled it ^^; but I didn’t want our maids and butlers to get heat stroke. Despite a few hiccups, everything went great!

After the shoot it took forever to get back to the hotel room due to re-routing of pedestrian traffic. -_-; Took a nap and then it was time to head back to con! Not sure if that’s supposed to be Ryouko, but this group of Extravaganza versions from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya was pretty awesome! Just missing Tsuruya.

1/1 Scale Bishoujo Sue Storm. 😉

Met up with Reina, who introduced me to her friends Cloud and Sebastian, and we did a fun photoshoot. Was finishing up when I noticed Vensy was shooting in her awesome Black☆Gold Saw nearby too!

Afterwards, we hung out a bit before I had to meet up with Sushi for another shoot! Ran into my friend bunnycharms and her little Ryu on the way! ♥

Was in the middle of that shoot when I spied these awesome Highschool of the Dead cosplayers, then I realized Saeko was my friend Goldie! 😀

On my way back through South Hall, I ran into some OCAG friends and hung out a bit. Saw these coolsome Tiger & Bunny cosplayers.

Incredible Alice in Wonderland cosplayers. :O

Started wandering toward Danny Choo‘s panel and saw this great Bleach cosplay group.

Saw these awesome steampunk princesses, too! Of course I had to get a shot of Ariel; I think Tiana and Kida from Atlantis: The Lost Empire are the other two.

Finally made it to Danny’s panel, where I saw some familiar faces. 😉 Didn’t stay too long, though, since I had to meet up with Cosplay Chicas for an epic two-hour nighttime shoot!

Haha, awesome.

Ran into my friend Kari on the way to my photoshoot. You can’t see her tail in this shot but she’s cosplaying Applejack from My Little Pony!

So much fun was had, and it was only the end of the second day! Watch for my post on Days 3 and 4 as well as the photoshoots I did coming soon! In the meantime, be sure to check out the complete sets of photos via the links below!

2012 06 29 Fri: Anime Expo 2012, Day 1
2012 06 30 Sat: Anime Expo 2012, Day 2

Full Coverage of Anime Expo 2012:

Anime Expo 2012, Days 1 and 2
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Goth × Loli Photoshoot
Tifa (Amano Art Variant) Photoshoot
Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magika Photoshoot
Marceline the Vampire Queen Photoshoot
Shizuru Fujino and Natsuki Kuga Photoshoot

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