You probably have one or two movies that changed your life forever.

I’m not talking about that stupid little rom-com that made you feel all gooey inside or that gross-out teen comedy that made you laugh so hard you peed your pants. I’m talking about the one that challenged the way you looked at the world, the one that made you feel things you’d never felt before, the one that gave you a higher purpose. You can’t figure it out, and you can’t explain it, but it came along at just the right moment in your life, spoke to you in such a way that it told you that you mattered, and flipped your world upside-down.

For me, one of those movies was The Little Mermaid.

I think the first item I bought from The Little Mermaid was a commercial print (24″x36″) of the original 1989 Regular One-Sheet* (you know the one, the one that allegedly had the coral-encrusted male genitalia on it).

Since then, my collection has grown in a way that would probably shame any other straight male, but since I have no pride (or friends who would come visit and see my “gadgets and gizmos aplenty”), it doesn’t bother me so much. Most of my collection is still with my folks anyway; the rest is mainly in boxes waiting for the day I finally grow up and buy a house.

I didn’t start taking pictures of my stuff until recently (and only because my memory sucks and I sometimes forget what’s in those boxes), but I’ll tell you about some of my favorite pieces on the linked pages below:

1989 Advance One-Sheet
Medicom 1/6 Vinyl Collectible Doll
“Seahorse Surprise” by WDCC
“Worlds Apart” by Lars Loma

*A One-Sheet is the full-sized poster that a theater displays. They were originally 27″x41″ but have shrunk somewhat to 27″x40″. One-Sheets destined for lightboxes are usually double-sided, but single-sided ones also exist.


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