Junk Food Tour! [2016]

04 April 2017

Even on vacation, I manage to find all sorts of nommy noms! Check out some of the treats you can find at your local Asian market and pastry shop!

Welcome to the Land of Snacks!

If you ever get bored of plain rice, try these rice seasonings out!

Halloween-themed Pocky!

Are you brave enough to try Durian Flavor?

I’ve had cheese Ritz sandwiches, but never custard!

Stopping off at a local bakery, I could see why we have an obesity problem — those cupcakes are huge! ;D

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2016 10 06 Thu: Junk Food Tour!

Kouraku and Canine & Feline Charity Art Show [2016]

14 March 2017

Went to Kouraku for dinner then wound up checking out Q Pop‘s Canine & Feline Charity Art Show, where 10% of the proceeds went to benefit North Central Animal Shelter.

Tonkatsu (breaded, deep-fried pork cutlet) is one of my favorite Japanese dishes.

Here’s a look at some of the puppies and kitties your purchases helped.

Didn’t realize that “purrmaids” (cat mermaids) were a thing.

The colors are different, but the blockiness of this unicorn cat reminds me of Unikitty from The Lego Movie!

This Mazinger is pretty impressive even when you don’t consider the fact that a large amount of it is cardboard.

Heroes reference?

Animals driving vehicles — they’re just like us!

You can buy prints from Dreamworks background painter Ji Soo Kim along with the second Cosplay in America book.

There’s always something new to check out in Little Tokyo!

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2016 09 10 Sat: Kouraku and Canine & Feline Charity Art Show

East Meets West [2016]

07 March 2017

Actually got up early on a weekend (wut?) and decided to run around to some spots I hadn’t been to in ages on the west side (west of me, anyway)! I really need to do a better job of taking pictures of the outsides of these places, lol. (Sorry for the crap cell phone quality. OTL)

First stop on my adventure was Big Lou’s, a consignment shop/slot car raceway on Sepulveda, where you can find all sorts of interesting things for sale.

From plushies to ornaments and from Hot Wheels to Transformers, there’s something for everyone here!

I’m pretty sure all those comic book standees are handmade. :O

Afterwards, made it over to Gardena’s Tokyo Central & Main supermarket, which used to be a Marukai.

Another reason to quit this hobby. DX

Here’s an entire section dedicated to Dragon Ball.

If Dollfies aren’t your thing, you can still invest in an Evangelion action figure that costs more than your car payment!

It’s a good thing I haven’t gotten into Gundam (yet)!

The Pokemon saw me coming, haha.

While I didn’t buy anything at Big Lou’s or Tokyo Central & Main, I did buy stuff at second-hand bookstore Book Off’s Del Amo and Gardena locations. I impulse bought the Nono action figure since I actually wound up liking Gunbuster 2: Diebuster the second time around and finally completed my (regular version) collection of the Japanese version of Your Lie in April — for much cheaper than what Kinokuniya was charging in-store or even at AX!

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2016 09 03 Sat: East Meets West

TOM LA SALE! [2016]

07 February 2017

When I heard that the Tokyo Otaku Mode (TOM) Shop was pulling up stakes and heading up north, I cut out of work early to check out their moving sale! Not sure if they’ve ever opened their doors to the public before, but I order from them all the time online. They usually have some great promos and their loyalty program (in the form of TOM Points) is an added bonus — even though they’ve reworked some of their rules regarding the program.

Most of the items were unmarked so you had to bring them up for them to check the price online. What wasn’t so cool was that the Aniplex+ items were full price (as noted) — which meant they were actually more expensive than buying them on their site!

I’m not a gamer, but all non-figure merchandise was 40%!

Happened to run into Sojian-senpai while I was down there so we did some exploring and wound up grabbing noms at Hakata Ikkousha Ramen.

This was the only loot I wound up getting — a Nendoroid of Best Girl Funami Yui from YuruYuri and a free bag of a Japanese snack that wound up being pretty meh, lol. There were a few things that caught my eye but they seemed to be a bit on the pricey side, even with the discount.

These were taken on my fixed focus cell phone, so excuse the terrible quality. ^^;

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2016 08 22 Mon: Tokyo Otaku Mode LA Warehouse Garage SALE!

Little Tokyo Adventures III [2016]

31 January 2017

Happy new year! Granted, January’s pretty much over, but the Lunar New Year began a few days ago so I’m well within the range. 😉

Even though these pictures were ready before the break, I’ve been too busy and lazy (mostly lazy) to put them up. Anyway, here’s a quick trip we made out to Little Tokyo back in August!

The fried rice and ramen at Orochon Ramen are always good!

HoneyMee had just at the Japanese Village Plaza so we went to check it out. It’s Kosher and organic!

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2016 08 05 Fri: Little Tokyo Adventures III

Happy Thanksgiving 2016!

24 November 2016

Time to feast!

Thank you for your continued support! Wishing all our friends a Happy and Safe Thanksgiving!

(Photo of nomilicious noms at J&J originally appeared in my Food Tour! [2014] post.)

The Little Mermaid in Concert: Photos [2016]

20 September 2016

When I first heard about The Little Mermaid in Concert Live to Film, the first show had already sold out and they were adding a second show. The evening that tickets went on sale, I asked some friends if they’d be interested in going, and when they said yes, I went online to book tickets — and of course, they were already down to single seats. Well, when they added a third show, this time with the original voice of Ariel (and Disney Legend) Jodi Benson, even though it was going to be on a Monday night, I made sure to camp out by my computer so we could get tickets!

Even though I ducked out of work early, Ursula did everything in her power to keep me and my friends from getting there. 😛 Besides the typical rush hour traffic, Hollywood Boulevard was closed in preparation for the red carpet premiere of Warcraft (lol) the next day.

After we finally parked (valet, no less, since there wasn’t any other choice), we found the massive line of people waiting for the “Bowl Bus” that would shuttle us from Hollywood & Highland to the Hollywood Bowl. Cramming onto the packed bus (and standing in the aisle, natch), we took almost a FULL HOUR to make the 1.2 mile trip.

As we approached the entrance, the monitors by the box office taunted us with their live feed of the event, which had already wrapped the Costume Contest, the Opening Show (featuring Brad Kane, the singing voice of Aladdin, and Susan Egan, Broadway’s Belle) and was well into the film itself. (I did run into friends Red Velvet Cosplay and veveisme after the show, though.)

We finally made it through the joke of a bag check at the entrance and found our seats right after Ariel and Flounder’s onscreen introduction (the chase scene through the shipwreck with Glut, the shark), so we had missed “Fathoms Below” and Daughters of Triton”. 😦

We settled into our seats, which were actually not that bad, although they were still just benches in the section we were in. Even though no cameras were allowed, everyone was using their cellphones so I pulled out mine as well. Never to do anything halfway, especially for mai waifu Ariel, I made sure to not only take pictures but to run some video as well as audio. XD Please excuse the crap quality of my captures.

As songs came up in the film, the screens would go dark and the emcee would introduce the performer(s) and the song. Then, the film (or work-in-progress/behind-the-scenes footage for songs from the Broadway musical) would play on the smaller screens while the main screen showcased the performer(s). The cast for the night included original Ariel Jodi Benson, Rebel Wilson as Ursula, Broadway’s Tituss Burgess reprising his role as Sebastian, Darren Criss (above) as Prince Eric, Broadway’s Norm Lewis reprising his role as King Triton, Joshua Colley as Flounder, and John Stamos as Chef Louis. Not really sure how they filled some of those roles, but I especially enjoyed Stamos on “Les Poissons”.

Appropriately, there were fireworks and a focus on the violinist during the “Jig” sequence (although it wasn’t actually billed violinist Sandy Cameron), and after the literal show-stopper “Poor Unfortunate Souls” (immediately before the 15-minute intermission), I made a dash down to one of the concession booths. They’d already sold out of some items and when we went back after the show even more stuff was gone so I was glad I was able to get a few things.

I got back to my seat right as the second half started, and eventually the film ended to much applause and fireworks. However, there was one more surprise left — an encore by Jodi Benson! She said a few words about being part of the Disney family for 30 years before singing “Disneyland” from the musical Smile, which was also written by The Little Mermaid‘s lyricist Howard Ashman. After one final cast rendition of “Under the Sea“, the lights came up and it was time to go.

On the way out, we stopped at the merchandise booth again so my friends could shop, but things were selling out so fast that the clerks were selling them off the displays, lol. All the Snapshot Stops were already being dismantled (rhetorical question: how were they expecting people to use the Snapshot Stops if no cameras were allowed?), although there was a private party for Walt Disney Records’ 60th Anniversary (sponsored by H2O+ Beauty) underway.

Well, anything worth doing is never easy, but despite all the obstacles, my friends and I all had a great time. Hopefully we’ll be able to do it again soon (and with fewer problems XP ). While I did get videos of all the songs we were present for, I only uploaded three of them to my YouTube Channel since they’ll prolly get taken down at some point anyway, lol.

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2016 06 06 Mon: The Little Mermaid in Concert Live to Film

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