Marceline the Vampire Queen Photoshoot [2012]

Post Four of The Twelve Posts of Christmas continues with the fourth photoshoot I had the privilege of doing at AX!

Music In Your Face

I’d been trying to meet up with Star Cat all weekend and we ran into each other in line for the LiSA concert!

Lumbering Jill

Afterwards, we hung out for a while and then agreed to do a quick shoot after she changed into her Marceline the Vampire Queen from Adventure Time cosplay. It’s a shame I missed her the day before when she actually had body paint on; I’m sure it looked awesome!

Swing Dancing

We only had time for a quick shoot, but I always love hanging out with Star!

If a Fire Falls in the Woods

She’s so easy-going and funny that it’s easy to just relax and let things flow, and she always has plenty of ideas for shoots. Here, she wanted a picture in front of the FireFall truck, so that’s what we did!


Many passerby recognized her instantly and wanted pictures of her. I’ve never seen the show but it’s incredibly popular!

Thank You, Good Night!

It’s always fun to shoot with Star! 🙂 Until next time!

See full notes from this photoshoot and more albums on my Facebook through the link below!

2012 07 01 Sun: Marceline the Vampire Queen Photoshoot

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