dolldelight Fashion Show at MPk CBF [2012]

On Day 1 of the Monterey Park Cherry Blossom Festival, dolldelight held a Fashion Show to showcase her designs. She designed and made all these outfits herself! I was pretty far back and to the side, and there were a lot of other photogs getting into my shots. I should prolly try to get closer next time. There was a bit of playing around with the photos in post, and I apologize for the blurries. -_-;

I think of Alice in Wonderland when I see this dress. The reds and blacks as well as the playing cards bring the Queen of Hearts to mind. Hope this model (Porcelain Rapunzel) gets to keep her head, though. xD;

No idea this was Larissa until I went through my photos afterwards. DX

Not sure if that’s a wig or not, but it’s pretty awesome! Love the Jolly Roger print also.

Very interesting pattern. I’m not familiar with all the different Lolita styles, though. Not sure where this outfit would fall.

Risky Business poster or Lolita poster? Hmm.

Wow, such a sunny dress! Though that might be b/c I don’t know how to color correct. OTL

This girl is so cute, but I really didn’t notice until after I started going through my pictures b/c I was so far away. ^^;

Why am I reminded of Lunar New Year by this? Hmmm…

I love black and red in general, and the splashes of purple are a great touch.

Finally, dolldelight came on stage to say a few words before the end of the show.

I don’t generally go to fashion shows, but I’m really glad I checked this one out! It was very well done. Usually the models are amateurs and don’t really know how to pose or how long to pose for, but these models obviously practiced beforehand. Plus, the fashions were lovely and eye-catching. Looking forward to seeing more from dolldelight!

As usual, see even more photos in my Facebook album!

2012 04 21 Sat: dolldelight Fashion Show, MPkCBF Day 1

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