Shizuru Fujino and Natsuki Kuga Photoshoot [2012]

The fifth of The Twelve Posts of Christmas features the fifth (and final) shoot of AX12! Though technically, AX12 was already over by this point, the Closing Ceremonies having concluded. xD;

Shizuru Fujino

Had been trying to meet up with sanitynevermore and Leonore13 all weekend, but aside from bumping into them for a quick second, we couldn’t. So, I was really happy we were able to meet up after Closing Ceremonies on Day 4!

Natsuki Kuga

I’d actually left already (see the notes for my Day 4 album) and they had a dinner reservation, so I booked it back over to catch them before they left!

Shizuru vs. Natsuki

If you saw my photoshoot with sanitynevermore or my AX11 album, you might have noticed that sanitynevermore and Leonore13 switched cosplays! I was really thrown off at first but they did such a great job that I quickly got over it.

Back Off

I’m super happy we were able to do this quick little shoot. I don’t get to see sanitynevermore all that often and hadn’t seen Leonore13 since last AX, so it was good to hang out if only for a little bit.


Plus, Shizuru and Natsuki are my favorites from Mai-HiME (舞-HiME / My-HiME), a rather obscure series, and it’s always good to see favorite characters in the flesh!

Bad Shizuru

Bwaha. They were really just goofing around so I was lucky to get this shot. I love both of their expressions! xD I’m glad they took the time out to meetup and hopefully we can hang out longer next time! ♥

More photos from this photoshoot on my Facebook, linked below!

2012 07 02 Mon: Shizuru Fujino and Natsuki Kuga Photoshoot

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Shizuru Fujino and Natsuki Kuga Photoshoot

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