East Meets West [2016]

07 March 2017

Actually got up early on a weekend (wut?) and decided to run around to some spots I hadn’t been to in ages on the west side (west of me, anyway)! I really need to do a better job of taking pictures of the outsides of these places, lol. (Sorry for the crap cell phone quality. OTL)

First stop on my adventure was Big Lou’s, a consignment shop/slot car raceway on Sepulveda, where you can find all sorts of interesting things for sale.

From plushies to ornaments and from Hot Wheels to Transformers, there’s something for everyone here!

I’m pretty sure all those comic book standees are handmade. :O

Afterwards, made it over to Gardena’s Tokyo Central & Main supermarket, which used to be a Marukai.

Another reason to quit this hobby. DX

Here’s an entire section dedicated to Dragon Ball.

If Dollfies aren’t your thing, you can still invest in an Evangelion action figure that costs more than your car payment!

It’s a good thing I haven’t gotten into Gundam (yet)!

The Pokemon saw me coming, haha.

While I didn’t buy anything at Big Lou’s or Tokyo Central & Main, I did buy stuff at second-hand bookstore Book Off’s Del Amo and Gardena locations. I impulse bought the Nono action figure since I actually wound up liking Gunbuster 2: Diebuster the second time around and finally completed my (regular version) collection of the Japanese version of Your Lie in April — for much cheaper than what Kinokuniya was charging in-store or even at AX!

See the full album on my Fan Page on Facebook and be sure to Like The Vault on Facebook, where I’m finally caught up through 2010! 😀

2016 09 03 Sat: East Meets West


Gundam/Model Kit Gathering! [Mar 2013]

26 March 2013

My friend ddh4mster held a model kit gathering at his place in early March!

Turned the day into an adventure of sorts by also checking out The Mattel Store that I always see on the way over there. I found it strange that they didn’t fill in the Hot Wheels logo, lol.

Building Gundams requires the proper fuel!

I unfortunately got to taste neither of these. TAT

While most folks built Gundam kits, I put together a couple of Zoids kits I’ve had sitting for ages. I think they were the ones I brought back with me after my trip home for Christmas!

Gundam kits have a lot of parts; I don’t think I’d have the patience!

“Form legs and feet!” xD

Please tell me you get the reference. -_-;

This little fella looks so happy!

Lots more construction left to be done! Since I had finished my kits, I went off to play the original version of Words With Friends — Scrabble. 😉

Had wanted to get a shot of everyone’s kits, but some people had already left by then. :/

The coolest thing about Zoids is that they wind up and/or move on their own, but the green one doesn’t. The two newly built Zoids join a third one I already had at home.

So good to be able to relax and be with friends old and new! See more in my album on Facebook!

2013 03 09 Sat: Model Kit Gathering

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