East Meets West [2016]

07 March 2017

Actually got up early on a weekend (wut?) and decided to run around to some spots I hadn’t been to in ages on the west side (west of me, anyway)! I really need to do a better job of taking pictures of the outsides of these places, lol. (Sorry for the crap cell phone quality. OTL)

First stop on my adventure was Big Lou’s, a consignment shop/slot car raceway on Sepulveda, where you can find all sorts of interesting things for sale.

From plushies to ornaments and from Hot Wheels to Transformers, there’s something for everyone here!

I’m pretty sure all those comic book standees are handmade. :O

Afterwards, made it over to Gardena’s Tokyo Central & Main supermarket, which used to be a Marukai.

Another reason to quit this hobby. DX

Here’s an entire section dedicated to Dragon Ball.

If Dollfies aren’t your thing, you can still invest in an Evangelion action figure that costs more than your car payment!

It’s a good thing I haven’t gotten into Gundam (yet)!

The Pokemon saw me coming, haha.

While I didn’t buy anything at Big Lou’s or Tokyo Central & Main, I did buy stuff at second-hand bookstore Book Off’s Del Amo and Gardena locations. I impulse bought the Nono action figure since I actually wound up liking Gunbuster 2: Diebuster the second time around and finally completed my (regular version) collection of the Japanese version of Your Lie in April — for much cheaper than what Kinokuniya was charging in-store or even at AX!

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2016 09 03 Sat: East Meets West


Anime Expo 2016 Itasha

13 December 2016

The second supplemental album from AX2016 is the first of two featuring itasha (cars decorated with anime, manga, and video game characters)!

Danny Choo‘s Suenaga Mirai featured on this itasha and itachari (decorated bicycle).

This Angel Beats! fan also loves In-N-Out, as we all should!

Still haven’t seen this Kantai Collection (Kancolle) that’s everywhere.

I had no idea what this was from until I looked up Kagerou. I will say, though, that my Haruhi-inspired “Obey” logo is better. 😉

Here’s another Vocaloid-inspired itasha. This owner must really love Black Rock Shooter since the license plate says “BRS” and there was a cosplay jacket on display along with some other props.

Don’t know too much about To Love-Ru, but when this Yami cosplayer showed up I had to get her with the car!

Itasha featuring Race Queen versions of the pilots from Evangelion!

Fan-owned itansha (motorcycles) like this Sailor Moon bike were also on display in the Entertainment Hall.

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2016 07 04 Mon: Anime Expo 2016 Itasha

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Ninja-Con 2015: Photoshoots

27 October 2015

As usual, there were some great cosplays at Ninja-Con this year but since I was running around trying to cover as much of the con as possible I didn’t get to photograph very many of them. I even wound up missing most of the cosplay contest (though I was able to catch the judging portion)! D:

Luckily, I managed to steal some shots of my good friend Aoi Mizuno in my first shoot since my shoot with GNB Cosplay at PMX 2014.

Hadn’t shot in a while and Aoi was trying to, uh, encourage me. ^^;

Celeste Orchid (as Mulan) was the emcee for the cosplay contest.

Before the awarding of prizes, the judges (Cas Anvar, Yuks General, Angie Rikku Cosplay, and Garp Stavo Sauce) each said a few words as Ninja-Con Founder and CEO Danny Gonzales and cosplay contest emcee Celeste Orchid looked on. See the winners in the full album on Facebook (link below)!

Here’s Bomb Shell Cosplay as Katsuragi Misato from Evangelion.

Ariel and (Hipster?) Eric!

There are so many super sentai series that I have no idea where he’s from, but he was pretty awesome!

My friends and I were heading to dinner after the con ended and ran into these great Naruto cosplayers!

Hopefully I’ll be able to get more of the awesome cosplayers next year, especially since the Garden makes such a great backdrop!

See the full album on my Fan Page on Facebook and be sure to Like The Vault on Facebook, where I’m finally caught up through 2010! 😀

2015 06 06 Sat: Ninja-Con 2015: Photoshoots

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2014: The Year in Anime

06 May 2015

Been dealing with a dead hard drive and no internet so I apologize for being bad with the updates. DX Luckily I didn’t lose as much as I did the last time a hard drive failed (you’d think I would’ve learned my lesson by now) but I still lost some critical files (including ones related to Looking for Miku) as well as photos and videos from more recent events (such as Anison USA).

Anyway, I never did finish my recap series for 2014, so here is the final installment: anime I watched in 2014!

First up was the second season of YuruYuri (ゆるゆり), also known as YuruYuri♪♪. It’s a show about the members of a middle school Amusement Club as well as the members of the Student Council. The cast is female, the humor is slapstick, and the yuri is strong. Toshinou Kyouuuuuuko!

Although my friend Kazumi has talked about cosplaying from this show, I don’t have any photos related to it, so here is a picture from my Back to School sale (items listed are still available, natch)!

Soon after wrapping on Looking for Miku in January, I caught two features at the Downtown Independent, the first of which was Evangelion: 3.0 You Can (Not) Redo. (aka Evangelion: The New Movie: Q / ヱヴァンゲリヲン新劇場版:Q). Long-time readers will know that I’m not much for the original series, but I actually rather enjoyed Evangelion 2.0 (mainly due to the addition of new waifu Mari Illustrious Makinami) so I went to check it out. While the opening battle sequence of the new film was quite impressive and I was intrigued by the new battle-hardened versions of Misato and Asuka, the story shifted back to Shinji, Rei, and Kaworu and things quickly went downhill from there. There’s still a lot of ground to cover and only one more film to do it with; we’ll see how it goes.

Image of Cherry-Jelly‘s Risa and Taka from my post covering the screenings of Eva 3.0 and the next film.

The following evening was the movie version of Anohana, which is one of my favorite series. Unfortunately, the whole thing with the letters to Menma (which you can read about in the original post) really affected my enjoyment of the viewing — so much so that my normally feelful self didn’t tear up even once during it. (I did rewatch it about a week ago and it wound up having a much more pronounced effect that time.)

I’ve only ever seen one Anohana cosplayer in person, and it was at AX13!

Next up was Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet (翠星のガルガンティア). Be honest: how many of you had never even heard that word before this series? This sci-fi adventure series, written by Madoka Magica writer Urobuchi Gen, is about a space pilot who crash lands on a water planet and eventually learns about its mysterious past. For a show from Gen the Butcher, it was surprisingly light on the angst, but still managed to say a few things about technology and blind adherence to ideology. It’ll be interesting to see where they go with season 2.

No cosplayers or loots from this series in my collection, but since it was a show with girls and robots (wait, isn’t that pretty much every anime?), here is a photo from my Girls & Robots sale!

I managed to attend the movie sequel Tiger & Bunny The Movie -The Rising- due to the invite of a fellow blogging friend. Tiger & Bunny (タイガー&バニー) is one of those shows I had no real expectations for and wound up enjoying much more than I’d anticipated. This film is no different, as it managed to hit all the right notes with its storytelling, and it was a lively viewing as the predominantly female audience was very appreciative when their favorite heroes appeared on-screen. xD

Photo of a Lunatic cosplayer from my post covering the screening.

After that, it was time to check out the ridiculously popular series Kill la Kill (キルラキル)! This over-the-top action romp is everything you’d expect from the makers of Gurren Lagann, pumped up to the Nth-degree — More humor! More fanservice! More beatdowns! More everything! … except the heart. For some reason, while I did thoroughly enjoy the show and its frenetic insanity, it didn’t resonate with me the way Gurren Lagann did. I can’t even remember if the last episode managed to wrench any tears from me, while Gurren Lagann had me bawling from, like, the last five episodes (I get teary just reading their recaps, lol). I think in the effort to top themselves, they managed to super-size everything but the feels.

This Mako cosplayer was one of the last ones I caught at FanimeCon 2014!

I took a break from anime for a bit to focus on editing Looking for Miku, but after I returned from FanimeCon, I kind of got on a Shinkai Makoto kick. First up was 5 Centimeters Per Second (秒速5センチメートル), a 2007 film that’s broken up into three parts. Each of the segments features a boy named Touno Takaki in different stages of his life, from adolescence to adulthood, and how his first love affects him. It’s a visually stunning film, but I don’t think it really moved me like I expected it to.

Nothing from this film in my archives, but since trains figure prominently in it, here’s a photo of one of San Jose‘s metrorails!

Voices of a Distant Star (ほしのこえ) is one I’d been meaning to watch for ages (the manga has also been sitting on my shelf for several years). This was Shinkai’s first project and it was pretty much a one-man show (he and his fiancée at the time even did the voices themselves). My interest was primarily due to the premise, which was of a literally long-distance relationship between a young couple living worlds apart who communicate by text message. If you’ve been following my blog for any length of time, you’ll know that one of my favorite anime series, if not my most favorite series, is Gunbuster, which also explores the effects of time dilation and interstellar travel on people and relationships. Given that, I was excited to watch this short OVA. I tried to enjoy it, but for some reason I think the execution fell short of my expectations. The ending, especially, seemed a bit too pat for my liking.

No photos related to this OVA, either, so here’s a shot of the iconic starship Enterprise from my visit to Washington, DC, several years ago.

By this point I was seriously wondering why there was so much hype around Shinkai’s works, but then again I’ve never been one to embrace popular opinion (eg, never been much of a fan of Miyazaki Hayao’s films or Star Wars). So, it was with some trepidation that I watched The Place Promised in Our Early Days (雲のむこう、約束の場所). This full-length feature about a high school trio, a mysterious tower, and alternate universes would’ve been better served as a series, I think. There were many things that could’ve used a deeper explanation and the ambitious attempt at a more complex plot only managed to yield a confusing and convoluted story. Shinkai’s go-to theme of lost love makes yet another appearance here, but this time it only feels forced.

Photo from an alternate universe in which Suzumiya Haruhi (Aoi Mizuno) gets to read manga in the middle of the street, lol.

Having made it so far, I figured I might as well finish off Shinkai’s standalone works canon with Children Who Chase Lost Voices (aka Children Who Chase Stars or Journey to Agartha / 星を追う子ども). This feature definitely felt more like a traditional Ghibli-style film, which is either good or bad depending on your preference. Even though it’s filled with strange creatures and takes place mostly in an alternate world, there’s plenty of action and adventure coupled with a solid through-line, making it a lot more mainstream than Shinkai’s other more experimental (and slower-paced) works. Once again, there is the requisite theme of lost love, and this time it resonated with me a bit more. It’s still hard to say if I really enjoyed it, but I did like it better than his other films. Whether or not I’ll take a chance on his series Garden of Words now that I’m familiar with his style is another matter entirely.

Voice Actress Cristina Vee seems to have lost her voice (and maybe even her head D: ) in this shot from Ninja-Con 2013!

There was a pretty good gap afterwards since my boy Jack Bauer was back in action and putting holes in British folks on Fox’s 24: Live Another Day, but after the ambiguous finale, I watched Yuyushiki (ゆゆ式). A light and fluffy show that’s often laugh-out-loud funny, this slice-of-life comedy is about three girls (whose names all begin with “Yu”) who join their school’s Data Processing Club.

Even though I do own a figure from the show, I haven’t done a loot post in quite a while (hmm, future update perhaps?), so here is another one of my favorite data processors, Nagato Yuki, from the Suzumiya Haruhi Race Queen photoshoot I did at AX13.

It was back to Looking for Miku for the next while as I met with cast to do ADR but I was finally able to check out anime again with imouto during my family’s vacation as we watched one of my favorites, The Girl Who Leapt Through Time (aka Tokikake [Toki wo Kakeru Shōjo] / 時をかける少女). Even though my sister was frustrated by the two leads, I still found the film fun and enchanting on my third viewing.

That photo from PMX 2012 isn’t really a spoiler anymore, is it?

One more lengthy gap followed until the end of the year for my now annual marathon viewings. First was an encore of Yuyushiki, which imouto enjoyed, before subjecting her to the bawlfest known as Angel Beats! (エンジェルビーツ!), one of my favorites from last year. Imouto enjoyed this comedy/drama/thriller/mystery series (which you can read more about in last year’s post) and even kept the episodes for later viewing (with, I expect, drier eyes).

Photo of Nobuhiro Kikuchi, one of the masterminds behind the series, taken at AX13.

Even though I wasn’t able to watch very many anime (and even though some of what I did watch were repeats/recaps/redos), it was good to finally check out some that I’d heard so much about! I’m sure there were others (could’ve sworn I watched the Highschool of the Dead and Kill la Kill OVAs also at some point) but since my memory is terrible, I’ll prolly have to revise this post eventually. Feel free to make your recommendations on what I should watch next or to tell me why I have bad taste for hating on Makoto Shinkai in the comments below, and check out my Fan Page on Facebook as well as The Vault on Facebook for more of my adventures!

Evangelion 3.0/anohana The Movie [Jan 2014]

25 February 2014

The weekend after wrapping Looking for Miku, I unwound by taking in not one, but two anime films at the Downtown Independent over by Little Tokyo!

The first was Evangelion: 3.0 You Can (Not) Redo, the third in the Neon Genesis Evangelion reboot series of films. Cherry-Jelly Productions ran a cosplay contest for this screening and it was a great way to make up for my missing Anime Los Angeles the weekend before.

There were quite a few Shinjis and Kaworus!

During the judging, there was a crowd karaoke rendition of “A Cruel Angel’s Thesis”, the theme song to the original TV series. You’ll have to visit the album on Facebook (linked below) to see who won the contest! 😉

Cosplay contest contestants examine their spoils while audience members vie for Evangelion one-sheet posters.

I managed to score one of the theatrical posters and was surprised that it was a full one-sheet (27″x41″ as opposed to 27″x40″) and by how heavy the stock was. Even though the image itself is pretty bland, the poster is certainly well made!

After the screening, it was time for another look at the cosplayers!

Cherry-Jelly’s Risa Light and Taka show off the Evangelion poster on display.

The following day I checked out anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day The Movie, a sequel/recap/retelling of the TV series of the same name. anohana is one of my favorite series, and it was great to revisit the story and characters and to see how their lives had changed since that fateful summer.

While the film was great, I was very disappointed that the signboards Aniplex was giving away were just sheets of paper and that they “ran out” of the letters from Menma. If I’d known they were going to ration them for each showing (as opposed to first-come, first-serve like for the Madoka screenings), I would’ve gone to the screening on Sunday, which featured a Q&A with one of the film’s producers. They changed how that was handled also; the Q&A after the Madoka -Rebellion- premiere had questions screened ahead of time while the anohana Q&A was live. Have some consistency, people! ><

At least I was able to console myself with the company of great friends and great food afterwards. We grabbed noms at Zencu in nearby Little Tokyo. Apparently there had been a Lolita Fashion Walk earlier in the day so I ran into many other friends as well!

After noms at Zencu it was time for noms at Chynna! ^^ A friend wanted to try out this place, so we went to check it out. It has such an interesting decor!

Despite the little hiccups, it was fun to see these films on the big screen with appreciative audiences; one of the perks of living so close to Little Tokyo! As always, more in the album on my Facebook Page!

2014 01 17 Fri/01 18 Sat: Evangelion 3.0/anohana The Movie

Asuka (Yamashita Ver.) Photoshoot/EVA Cockpit [2013]

27 August 2013

EDIT: Sorry, SocialCos seems to be down. Please check back later for the full album!
EDIT 2: Made a new Facebook Page! 😀

On Day 2 of FanimeCon, I happened to stumble upon the EVA cockpit that had been set up in the back of the atrium area of the convention center. Momo was there for pictures in her Shunya Yamashita Ver. of Souryuu Asuka Langley, so I made sure to take a few!

Momo as Asuka with Pen Pen in the EVA cockpit! There’s a smile! See? Asuka’s not tsuntsun all the time!

Was able to get this shot after she’d finished up in the cockpit.

When I came by again later, Momo was helping to sest up and I suggested she pick up the batons for a quick shoot. I was glad when she agreed! Momo was very concerned about holding them correctly b/c she wanted to be accurate!

Wish I’d gotten a better shot of those amazing blue contacts!

While I was hanging out with Hikari Twinkle later on in the day, I saw that they were setting up the cockpit for photos again so I ran down there to find Momo as well as Vampy and a whole bunch of other cosplayers — among them, several who were cosplaying Misato! ♥

Misato × Misato. I’m okay with this. The one on the right is actually the one in the Queen’s Blade group earlier in the park!

Hey, it’s Vampy as Mari!

Mari (and Vampy) so kyoot!

Many of the Eva cosplayers present gathered around for a group photo. Had to back up quite a bit and switch cameras to get everyone!

The cockpit seats two? Is this Pacific Rim??

A Mari crossplayer takes a turn!

So much fun was had at the EVA cockpit. Never enjoyed Evangelion as much as I did that day! 😀 More photos in the album on my new Facebook Page, linked below!

2013 05 25 Sat: Asuka (Yamashita Ver.) Photoshoot/EVA Cockpit

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Sale #10: Strawberry Gainax [2012]

06 December 2012

Interrupting The Twelve Posts of Christmas to bring you the final sale of 2012! Here are items from GAINAX, arguably my favorite anime studio, and Ichigo Mashimaro (苺ましまろ / Strawberry Marshmallow), one of my favorite anime series!

Many of these items are new, but there are a few that aren’t, so read the descriptions for full details.

Prices are always negotiable — you may be surprised at what I’ll accept! Offer low to get the best deal; offer high to make sure it’s yours.

From left to right, top to bottom:


ROW 1:

Takaya Noriko – Mon-sieur BOME (Toppu o Nerae! aka Aim for the Top! Gunbuster): Kaiyodo $SOLD NISB
Kurauchi Anna – Doki Doki Time (Kore ga Watashi no Goshujin-sama aka He Is My Master): SEGA EX Figure $25 NISB
Sawatari Izumi – Dokidoki Time Cosplay Bunny Ver. (Kore ga Watashi no Goshujin-sama aka He Is My Master): SEGA EX Figure $SOLD NISB

ROW 2:

Souryuu Asuka Langley – Summer Casual Ver. (Shin Seiki Evangelion aka Neon Genesis Evangelion): Kotobukiya $35 NISB
Case of 12 Trading Figures – Swimsuit Tadaima! Version (Ichigo Mashimaro aka Strawberry Marshmallow): $SOLD NISB
Nadia (Fushigi no Umi no Nadia aka Nadia: the Secret of Blue Water): Kotobukiya $SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY Box opened to check contents
Ayanami Rei – EX Figure (Evangelion Shin Gekijouban aka Rebuild of Evangelion): Gainax Khara ProjectEva SEGA $SOLD NISB
Box of 15 Packs of 10 Cards Each (150 Cards) – Trading Cards (Toppu o Nerae! aka Aim for the Top! Gunbuster): Cardass $60 NISB

Rows 3 through 5 below.

Trading Figs

ROW 3:

Get all five Gunbuster 2 trading figures below for $20!
Buster Machine Dix-Neuf (Toppu o Nerae 2! aka Aim for the Top 2! aka Gunbuster 2: Diebuster): Bandai $5 Displayed
Lal’C Mellk Mal (Toppu o Nerae 2! aka Aim for the Top 2! aka Gunbuster 2: Diebuster): Bandai $SOLD Displayed
Nono – Maid Ver. (Toppu o Nerae 2! aka Aim for the Top 2! aka Gunbuster 2: Diebuster): Bandai $SOLD Displayed
Nono (Toppu o Nerae 2! aka Aim for the Top 2! aka Gunbuster 2: Diebuster): Bandai $SOLD Displayed
Tycho Science (Toppu o Nerae 2! aka Aim for the Top 2! aka Gunbuster 2: Diebuster): Bandai $SOLD Displayed

Matsuoka Miu (Ichigo Mashimaro aka Strawberry Marshmallow): Ascii Media Works $60 Displayed, No Game Included
Sakuragi Matsuri – 3D Design 1st Ver. (Looks like this figure but with blue swimsuit) (Ichigo Mashimaro aka Strawberry Marshmallow): Happinet $15 New (Box opened to check contents)
Nadia – HGIF Gainax Heroines Part 1 (Fushigi no Umi no Nadia aka Nadia: the Secret of Blue Water): Bandai $5 Displayed
Akagi Ritsuko (Shin Seiki Evangelion aka Neon Genesis Evangelion): T’s System $100 NISB

Get all three Gainax Heroines Collection 3 trading figures below for $10!
Buster Machine #7 – HGIF Series Gainax Heroines Collection 3 (Toppu o Nerae 2! aka Aim for the Top 2! aka Gunbuster 2: Diebuster): Bandai $5 Displayed
Nadia – HGIF Series Gainax Heroines Collection 3 (Fushigi no Umi no Nadia aka Nadia: the Secret of Blue Water): Bandai $SOLD Displayed
Sawatari Izumi – HGIF Series Gainax Heroines Collection 3 (Kore ga Watashi no Goshujin-sama aka He Is My Master): Bandai $SOLD Displayed

ROW 4:

Itou Nobue – Waitress Ver. (Ichigo Mashimaro aka Strawberry Marshmallow): Toy’s Works $SOLD NISB
Sakuragi Matsuri – Waitress Tadaima! Ver. (Ichigo Mashimaro aka Strawberry Marshmallow): Toy’s Works $15 NISB
Ana Coppola – Waitress Tadaima! Ver. (Ichigo Mashimaro aka Strawberry Marshmallow): Toy’s Works $15 NISB
Itou Chika – Waitress Ver. (Ichigo Mashimaro aka Strawberry Marshmallow): Toy’s Works $SOLD NISB
Matsuoka Miu – Waitress Tadaima! Ver. (Ichigo Mashimaro aka Strawberry Marshmallow): Toy’s Works $15 NISB

ROW 5:

Itou Nobue – Waitress Tadaima! Ver. (Ichigo Mashimaro aka Strawberry Marshmallow): Toy’s Works $15 NISB
Sakuragi Matsuri – Waitress Ver. (Ichigo Mashimaro aka Strawberry Marshmallow): Toy’s Works $SOLD NISB
Sakuragi Matsuri – Waitress Tadaima! Ver. (Ichigo Mashimaro aka Strawberry Marshmallow): Toy’s Works $SOLD NISB
Itou Chika – Waitress Tadaima! Ver. (Ichigo Mashimaro aka Strawberry Marshmallow): Toy’s Works $15 NISB
Matsuoka Miu – Waitress Ver. (Ichigo Mashimaro aka Strawberry Marshmallow): Toy’s Works $15 NISB

Remember to check out my previous sales in addition to this week’s new items!

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Girls Who Will Wreck You! (Ikki Tousen, Mazinger, Mecha Musume, Queen’s Blade, and more)!
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Mahoromatic (Mahoromatic, Mahoromatic: Motto Utsukushii Mono, and Mahoromatic: Tadaima Okaeri)!
Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu (The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya)!
Akamatsu Ken (Love Hina and Negima!)!
Type-Moon (Fate/stay night, Fate/hollow ataraxia, and Melty Blood)!

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions, requests for additional photos, etc. And please be sure to read the info below. Thanks!


General information for all sales:

1. The complete sales listing will be put up on WordPress and announced on Twitter. If you’re on LiveJournal (I haven’t been, lol) there should be a page with my Tweets. The next day, anime figures/goods will be listed in My Figure Collection’s User Sales thread and on figure.fm.

2. Sales are generally first come, first served — Subscribe or Follow for best results! xD Your request time is determined by when the Comment/Direct Message/Private Message notification hits my Inbox. Exceptions are made for multiple items bought, higher offers, previous buyers, local pick-ups, and blog Followers ( ♥ ). People who waste my time will be blacklisted ( </3 ).

3. All prices are in US Dollars. Prices are negotiable. Cash accepted for local pick-up in Los Angeles only; PayPal accepted for all others. PayPal fees and shipping charges are the responsibility of the buyer. I ship worldwide via USPS and UPS.

4. All items sold as-is and all sales final. I answer all correspondence and own a camera — it’s not my fault if you fail to do your own due diligence. 😉 Contact me by Comment or Direct/Private Message. E-mail is acceptable if you already have my address, but there are enough other ways to contact me that I will not be posting it.

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