“Seahorse Surprise” by WDCC

Walt Disney Classics Collection (WDCC) pieces are porcelain statues. They were originally created by the Walt Disney Company under the supervision of Disney animators, hand painted, and produced in limited editions. Enesco took over the license in 2003.

They’re too pricey for me to collect casually, but when I saw this Ariel from Disney’s The Little Mermaid on eBay, I had to get her! As you know by now, I’m anal about condition, so something has to be sufficiently rare for me to risk buying it used and over the internet.

WDCC statues are strictly limited, and at the time of Ariel’s release, I was a young’un with no monies. Because they’re expensive to begin with, WDCC figures’ secondary market prices are usually even higher. I was lucky enough to get her for $285 (not including shipping), which was only $10 more than the original issue price! Still, I think she is the single most expensive collectible I own.

Ariel is an interesting case because she was released in two versions. This one is from the first “wave” (haha), released in Fall 1997.

How can you tell? The painting on her tail here is matte, which is considered the more desirable version by collectors.

Apparently, the powers-that-be didn’t have the same opinion, since they immediately had her tail repainted with opalescent paint, making it shiny. Maybe they were trying to give it the same kind of sheen you see on fish. The rest of the run, from 1997 to retirement in March 1999, had the shiny tail.

I’m not sure what this discoloration is from, but it’s in an out-of-the-way location. Overall, I’m pretty happy with this statue, especially since I was able to get the much rarer version at such a great price. I need to do a proper photoshoot with her one day!

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“Seahorse Surprise” by WDCC
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