1989 Advance One-Sheet

I’d been looking for this 1989 Advance One-Sheet for Disney’s The Little Mermaid for a very long time!

A One-Sheet is the full-sized poster that a theater displays. They were originally 27″x41″ but have shrunk somewhat to 27″x40″. One-Sheets destined for lightboxes are usually double-sided, but single-sided ones also exist. An Advance is usually a poster that works the same way as a Teaser Trailer: not heavy on the details but just enough glimpses to generate buzz.

I managed to find one reasonably priced on eBay. One of the perils of shopping on eBay is the fact that you don’t really get to see what you’re buying. A dealer’s condition rating might not match up with yours, and condition is one thing I’m a stickler (anal) about. The red circles in these photos highlight some of the defects I found in the poster.

I think my pickiness comes from my days of comic book collecting. My hero and role-model cousin was pretty picky and I think it rubbed off on me. This cousin is also the one who got me started on figure collecting. The moral of the lesson is, pick idols who don’t buy things! :p

You can see part of the NSS (National Screen Service) number in the upper right of the picture above. Back in the day, the NSS used to print and distribute most of the movie posters that were made; nowadays, they’re all done in-house.

Anyway, I’d bought tons of posters in the past, and condition varied so greatly that I stopped buying posters on the internet for a while. But, I couldn’t resist this time! Of course, when I got it I was pretty disappointed. When I sent the seller these pictures, he was super-cool and gave me a fairly sizable discount.

You can see that this poster is double-sided, and it would look great if it were mounted in a lightbox. For now, though, it’s in a frame I got ages ago from Suncoast Motion Picture Company. In the frame, the poster doesn’t look so bad. I may buy another one at some point to replace this one, but for now, it hangs on my wall and I see it every time I walk into my apartment. Then again, it’s a studio, so I see pretty much everything every time I walk into my apartment. :p

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1989 Advance One-Sheet
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2 Responses to 1989 Advance One-Sheet

  1. Sorren Jones says:

    The poster looks awesome framed!

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