Cons and Events

* Uploads In-Progress; Current as of 03 Mar 2015 *

Here is the index for all of the major cons and events I’ve attended! Each item leads to another page that contains links to the full Facebook albums and videos (YouTube videos/playlists are listed in the Facebook album descriptions). Note that these are all Facebook links and that this index is not a listing of the posts on this blog, though I am in the process of including those.

Only selected events are listed; please use the search box to the right or browse the Archive for additional albums and videos! For less complete but more visually-oriented listings of cons and events from 2012 onward, see the links under “The Year in Review” at the bottom of this Page.


AM² Con (AMsquared; Anime, Manga, and Music Con)
Anime Conji (AC)
Anime Expo (AX)
Anime Los Angeles (Anime LA; ALA)
Comikaze (Stan Lee’s Comikaze Expo)
D23 Expo (Disney twenty-three Expo)
FanimeCon/Clockwork Alchemy (Fanime)
Hatsune Miku Expo in Los Angeles
Long Beach Comic Con (LBCC)
MacrossWorld Convention
Pacific Media Expo (PMX)
Robo Toy Fest × Brick Boutique (RTF; BB)
Skullgirls Fan Expo
WonderCon (WonderCon Anaheim)


Art Shows and Music
Cultural Festivals
Maid Cafes


Little Tokyo
Everywhere Else

The Year in Review
Cons and Events



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