Looking for Miku Screening at PMX [2016]!

No post this week as we’re prepping for this weekend’s panel for Looking for Miku!

We’ll be screening the Renewal ver. (the final, completed form) of the award-nominated anime fan film and holding a Q&A with the filmmakers on November 12 (Saturday, Day 2) at the place where it all started, Pacific Media Expo, in LP1 Ballroom B&C (admission to PMX is required to attend). RSVP on Facebook, and hope to see you there!

About Looking for Miku
Indecisive lead character? Check. Tsundere best friend? Check. Confessing to senpai? Uh…. We’ve all had (or have) that crush we wish we could confess to! Shy geek Kitty has a crush on her best friend Minnie’s brother, Jackie. While at an anime convention, however, Jackie falls for a cosplayer and enlists their aid to find her. Will Kitty be able to face her fears and confess her feelings to Jackie before they find the cosplayer? Find out in the award-nominated anime fan film Looking for Miku! Watch the trailer and learn more on FilmFreeway!


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