Little Tokyo Adventures II [2016]

I can’t believe that for all the times I’ve gone to Korean barbecue at Manna in Little Tokyo, I haven’t posted about it before!

Before the meat is done, there’s the buffet bar where you can fill up on other things like fried rice and gyoza!

I was actually trying to get a picture of the US Bank building lit in purple in honor of Prince, but nature somehow managed a better tribute.

Fairytale Boutique‘s old space got taken over by Anime Jungle. This is their fourth store!

Also, I went to Teishokuya of Tokyo (better known as T.O.T) for the first time. I ordered the grilled chicken, which arrived with some unexpected sides! Did not expect this to be American-style, lol.

Be sure to try these spots the next time you’re in Little Tokyo!

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2016 04 23 Sat/05 14 Sat: Little Tokyo Adventures II


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