Benihana and The Cheesecake Factory [2016]

Once in a while, my boss takes me out to lunch and this time he felt like going to Benihana. I haven’t been to Benihana in ages and free lunch is free, so who am I to say no? 😀

Benihana is a restaurant chain that was founded in New York in 1964 that specializes in Japanese teppanyaki cuisine. Now, there are Benihana restaurants all over the world — just don’t try to look for them in Japan, lol.

The main appeal of going to Benihana is the performance put on by the teppanyaki chef as s/he prepares your meal on the steel grill in front of you at your table. I’m sure they must get a lot of training to be able to do all the neat knife and flame tricks without injuring themselves!

So this is how much Ramune you actually get in one of those $3 bottles. ^^;

Vegetable fried rice comes with all of the lunch entrees, which is why that heart is so big (you’re seated with other guests, usually 8 to a table).

After we had lunch, we popped next door to grab some dessert at The Cheesecake Factory — another restaurant chain you won’t be able to find in Japan. (However, the first one in Asia opened this year in Shanghai Disney Resort’s Disneytown complex.)

These were taken on my fixed focus cell phone, so excuse the terrible quality. ^^;

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2016 04 22 Fri: Benihana and The Cheesecake Factory


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