Wurstküche and The Pie Hole [2016]

Every time my friends and I go to The Pie Hole, we see the line in front of Wurstküche and talk about trying it some time. Well, that time finally arrived!

Really, Wurstküche is pretty much just a bar that also happens to serve exotic sausages with atypical meats such as duck, rabbit, lamb, and rattlesnake. You also get to choose from four different toppings, but only the first two are free.

Once you place your order, you make your way into the back room, which is dark and loud and not at all conducive to conversation. Some of the benches in the middle have butcher’s paper that you can draw on while waiting for the waitperson to bring you your food (it’s in the Arts District, after all).

My friend tried one of the draft beers while we waited in line and enjoyed it immensely, but the consensus was that Pink’s is much better in terms of not only flavor but price and ambience. Wurstküche was worth trying once, though!

Afterwards, we popped across the street for some dessert from The Pie Hole.

I guess it was just meant to be a gastronomically unfulfilling night, as my selection, the Cereal Killer Cheesecake, also wound up being quite disappointing.

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2016 04 02 Sat: Wurstküche and The Pie Hole


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