LEGO/Building Blocks Events [2016]

It’s been a while since I promoted something that wasn’t one of my own projects (like Looking for Miku, my short film, or Tomo Neko, the maid cafe I was a board member of), and this isn’t a promotion per se. However, since there a couple of similarly-themed events coming up, I wanted to put in my two cents. (All photos from my previous coverage of Brick Boutique.)

I recently received a Groupon offer for an event called Brick Fest Live. I had previously reached out to them since I’d wanted to cover one of their events and help them promote. Little did I know that what I thought would be a private message to their info email would be posted to their public forum, without notice or disclaimer. Pretty shady, if you ask me. Additionally, they closed the “support ticket” without response or even telling me. Wow, how professional! /sarcasm

The Groupon offer I got for Brick Fest Live gives you the privilege of paying “only” $20 to play with Legos for just four hours (regular price of $35). Seriously? What a ripoff! Brick Fest Live is obviously one of those organizations that only care about your money.

I’d rather go to Brick Boutique, which happens at the same exact convention center, where you can do the same thing ALL DAY for only $7 ($12 if you want the early bird entry ticket and FREE if you show up after 4pm). Not only is it cheaper for a longer experience, you also get admission to Robo Toy Fest at the same time! You can’t beat that!

Brick Boutique has all sorts of vendors selling Lego kits both old and new. They also have a building contest and, of course, a FREE building pit where you could take home your creation when you’re done — for FREE! They even have special guests, like voice actors from the Lego video games and designers from Power Rangers!

Forget that lame ripoff Brick Fest Live; if you want to get your Lego fix, go to Brick Boutique instead! The next Brick Boutique will be in October 2016.

There’s plenty of coverage of Brick Boutique in the Archives! Also, check out my Fan Page on Facebook as well as The Vault on Facebook for more of my adventures!


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