Ariel at Target [2016]

Had been sweatshopping Looking for Miku during January for the original world premiere (which didn’t happen because Anime LA dropped the ball 😛 ) so didn’t really get away from the computer very much. Even afterwards, I was so burned out that I only emerged from my cave to pick up snacks and such, which is how I came across these new marketing materials featuring waifu Ariel at a couple of different Target stores!

Haven’t been to Disneyland in ages so always happy to see new Ariel stuff, especially stuff that doesn’t make her look like Joan Rivers. It’s great that she continues to resonate with consumers today.

Seeing all the Disney Princess stuff that’s available now, it’s hard to believe that Disney had no idea that this was an untapped market until the early 2000s!

Since I also enjoyed Tangled, I wanted to take this home, haha.

Did you know that Ariel’s character designer, Glen Keane, also designed Rapunzel?

These were all taken on my cell phone, so excuse the blur and weird aspect ratios. ^^; Make every day an adventure!

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2016 02 18 Thu: Ariel at Target


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