Looking for Miku Updates! [2016]

As you may’ve seen from my earlier post, we finally had the premiere for Looking for Miku during Ninja-Con 2016. Well, I’m happy to finally release the official trailer on my YouTube Channel!

For a while I wasn’t really sure how to go about making a trailer since it’s a short film and I didn’t want to get too spoiler-y, but a lot of festivals and contests require one so I had to come up with something.

Ultimately, just as I structured Looking for Miku as an anime OVA episode, I decided to style the trailer after various anime TV commercials (CMs) and promo spots. This meant featuring shots of our stars, mixing in some dialogue/voice over (VO) that sets up the film’s main conflict, and adding in some weeby bits to try to get the humor across. There really is an art to cutting trailers and hopefully I managed to communicate the fun and playful aspects of the film along with a taste of the story!

Looking for Miku Ninja-Con 2016

Also, Otaku;Hourly recently posted their coverage of Ninja-Con and talked about our film and panel for nearly 10 minutes. While it does contain some factual inaccuracies (and spoilers!), it was a positive review. Find it starting at around the 4 minute mark here!

Still making minor tweaks to the film and prepping for Anime Expo, so this is likely the last post until after the holiday. A safe and happy Independence Day weekend to all our American friends!

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About Looking for Miku
Indecisive lead character? Check. Tsundere best friend? Check. Confessing to senpai? Uh…. We’ve all had (or have) that crush we wish we could confess to! Shy geek Kitty has a crush on her best friend Minnie’s brother, Jackie. While at an anime convention, however, Jackie falls for a cosplayer and enlists their aid to find her. Will Kitty be able to face her fears and confess her feelings to Jackie before they find the cosplayer? Find out in the award-nominated anime fan film Looking for Miku! Watch the trailer and learn more on FilmFreeway!


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