Back to the Future at Twin Pines Mall [2015]

Despite claims by others to the contrary, “The Trilogy” for me has always been the Back to the Future series, so I was super excited that the future had finally arrived!

2015 marked the 30th anniversary of the first film and October 21 was designated as “Back to the Future Day” since it was the date to which Doc, Marty, and Jennifer traveled in Part II (I hate when people drop the “Part” from the title). Unfortunately, since the 21st was a Wednesday (and therefore a workday), I couldn’t celebrate until the weekend. Luckily, October 25 is when Marty actually started his time-traveling adventures, so I was just in time!

I’d read that there would be props and sets on display inside the Puente Hills Mall, which appeared as Twin Pines/Lone Pine Mall in the films, so I headed there to take a look. Well, my source was wrong and I only saw a couple of random ads featuring BTTF. Additionally, the battery for the camera I’d brought along had died!

As I headed to my car and prepared to go home in defeat, I saw in the distance that a crowd had gathered in the parking lot. On closer inspection, I realized they were all checking out the iconic DeLorean!

After taking a bunch of photos, I noticed a screen had been set up for the evening screening of the film across the parking lot. I walked over to see what else might be over there and I saw Doc Brown’s van!

I’ve seen the screen-used DeLoreans and vehicles from Part II in person but I’d never seen Doc’s van before so, yes, I was super excited to see the rather plain and non-descript transport, lol.

I saw another area that had been roped off with spectators nearby. Knowing that it was just the sign to the mall property entrance, I wondered what could be so interesting — until I saw it was a mock-up of the Twin Pines Mall sign!

Was heading back to my car and couldn’t resist taking more shots of the completed DeLorean.

Hard to believe that many of the DeLoreans that make the rounds are actually fan/custom builds!

Very happy I made the trip out to celebrate one of my favorite film series!

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2015 10 25 Sun: Back to the Future at Twin Pines Mall


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