Lolita Photoshoot [2015]

EDIT: Fixed! Sorry for the delay; WordPress seems to be having problems with photo uploads. :p I’ve linked Facebook photos instead, so I hope you can see them. ^^;

Besides stealing some shots at Ninja-Con, hadn’t done an actual shoot in ages so was happy to do a quick little photoshoot with two of my friends on Day 2 of PMX!

My friends looked super cute and on our way to CosFest Masquerade, we passed by this awesome building (a post office!). Even though it was already kind of getting dark, I wanted to get some photos of them with this great backdrop.

Their outfits are so cute! (Wish I were better at Photoshop so I could get rid of the signs in the background, though.)

I really like the Gothic dress, and even though it’s not in the shot, the purse she was carrying is a miniature coffin!

Bunny tea party!

The white parasol is a nice contrast to the Gothic dress but also goes well with this cheery lolita one! Which outfit do you think the parasol goes better with?

Unfortunately, these were all the ones we were able to take before running back to con. :<

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2015 09 06 Sun: Lolita Photoshoot

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Lolita Photoshoot


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