Anime Los Angeles 12 [2016]

I try to avoid posting things out of chronological order (posts from The Vault notwithstanding) and I don’t generally do con write-ups this soon after con (due to my Spray & Pray™ photo technique), but I figured I would comment on the Looking for Miku premiere I mentioned last week.

First, I want to personally thank each of you who attended our panel and otherwise supported us by sharing and promoting the event!

I also want to apologize to our guests for the issue that resulted in our not being able to screen the film. Despite repeated assurances from Anime Los Angeles that our tech needs would be met, they were not prepared to provide the necessary audio hookups. I know there were some in the audience who had chosen to attend our panel instead of another panel/event. There were also others who made a special trip out to con just to see the film, including one of our panelists who generally does not go to cons; I’m afraid this may have made a very bad impression on her.

Despite the hiccup, you were all very patient and understanding and I thank you for that. While we were still able to talk a bit about our experiences making the film, for future panels I will try to have a backup plan in place so we don’t wind up inadvertently wasting your time again.

Too bad most of this stuff wound up being useless. I didn’t even bother returning to con for Days 2-3 after ALA’s tremendous fail. 😐

We’ll find another venue soon for our panel, and hopefully you’ll be able to join us next time for the real World Premiere!

About Looking for Miku
Indecisive lead character? Check. Tsundere best friend? Check. Confessing to senpai? Uh…. We’ve all had (or have) that crush we wish we could confess to! Shy geek Kitty has a crush on her best friend Minnie’s brother, Jackie. While at an anime convention, however, Jackie falls for a cosplayer and enlists their aid to find her. Will Kitty be able to face her fears and confess her feelings to Jackie before they find the cosplayer? Find out in the award-nominated anime fan film Looking for Miku! Watch the trailer and learn more on FilmFreeway!

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