D23 Expo 2015, Day 3: Emporium and Shopping

While D23 Expo allows Disney to flog their new and upcoming projects (as seen in the previous post), it also allows you to fill in the gaps of your collection!

This Three Caballeros figure at the Disney Dream Store was huge and also reasonably priced for a limited edition of 50 ($150); there was a color version as well. I was tempted to get it, but I’m not really a fan of the film. If it were from DuckTales, though, I prolly would’ve bought both, lol.

Since the corporate vendors tend to pump out advance pieces before general release as well as limited edition exclusives, the wait times just to get inside those shops tend to be pretty terribad (and is where I spent most of my time at con). Still, this can be the only place you can get some items before they hit the aftermarket and start fetching exorbitant eBay prices. Took a shot of “The Big D” restaurant from the Mickey’s of Glendale line. Waiting in line for two and a half hours just to spend money, I feel like I already got the big D. :p

Finally inside Mickey’s of Glendale, the Imagineering-exclusives store! … Only to wait in another line to look at the exclusive pins. :/

Made it out of Mickey’s of Glendale with about 30 minutes to check out the rest of the con, including the Emporium (formerly the Collectors Forum). The Emporium, split into three areas throughout the exhibit hall, also has its share of limited editions (generally of the original artwork variety, like this X-Wing Fighter from Star Wars), but tends to be more easily navigated and is the best place to find things that were released many moons ago. Most of the time things here are overpriced (this is, after all, the aforementioned secondary market) but you can sometimes find some great deals if you luck into a seller who is willing to haggle.

Eric Goldberg, lead animator for Genie from Aladdin (see the first post for shots of some of his work on display in An Animator’s Gallery). A huge line formed but apparently a friend of mine managed to get a sketch from him before he even started. Lucky duck!

The wall at OI Collectibles featured over 500 maps from over 15 locations. I love this style of art, which is by Brittney Lee. She was there over the weekend and the same friend who got art from Eric Goldberg also got a sketch from her! So lucky!

Not familiar with the brand Uniqlo, but they apparently make t-shirts. Hope they make some Ariel shirts for boys!

I can actually ID all of these, haha. To this day I have never bought a Hallmark ornament, and to be honest I used to do most of my shopping there when individual stores were going out of business and they still carried the Walt Disney Classics Collection. ^^;

The New Zealand Mint had silver and gold Princess coins as well as this quite appropriate Scrooge McDuck coin. This one came with an exclusive certificate of authenticity (which might be that slip of paper in the lid) only available at D23; wonder what you get if you buy it elsewhere?

Lots of Snow White items; I’m assuming it’s in preparation for the upcoming 80th anniversary.

That really looks like Angelina Jolie’s rendition of Maleficent, but tbh I don’t really feel it for Enesco’s stuff; even the Walt Disney Classics Collection kind of felt weak after they took it over. (Apparently I’m not the only one who felt that way since the WDCC line folded not long after they took it over.)

Ariel from the Jim Shore Disney Traditions series. She actually has a pretty accurate face, but the castle dresses in this line just don’t do it for me.


Everyone got a guidebook and a super-thin tote bag that can actually be worn on your back! (Ignore the Nendoroid sitting inside; it was just to get the bag to stand up, lol.) Event Guest badge courtesy of a cast member friend of mine.

Also got some exclusive Shanghai Disneyland mugs and a t-shirt as well as a Disneyland Diamond Anniversary pin and Star Wars Land concept art pins from Mickey’s of Glendale.

Between the corporate Disney vendors (the Disney Store, Mickey’s of Glendale, and the Disney Dream Store) and the mom-and-pop sellers in the Emporium, you can be sure to find things you’ve been missing as well as things you never even knew existed!

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2015 08 16 Sun: D23 Expo 2015, Day 3: Emporium and Shopping

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