Sweet! and Pink’s Hot Dogs [2015]

The weekend of D23 Expo, I met up with some friends over at Hollywood & Highland (the shopping complex that’s the current home of the Academy Awards and neighbors with Grauman’s Chinese Theatre and Disney’s El Capitan Theatre) before heading out for dinner at Pink’s, which I hadn’t been to in ages!

It’d been over a year since the last time I was in Hollywood, when I first came across Sweet!, the unnecessarily large candy store that takes up nearly half a floor and bills itself as “the largest candy store in America”. It was after business hours then, but this time I got to take a look around.

Kind of an interesting choice of theme; don’t remember candies being a major part of The Wizard of Oz.

The Shade Tree was part of a pop-up shop that carried t-shirts and such.

Not sure if that’s a legit Ferrari, but it sure seems like a waste if it is. :p

They had these cool Willy Wonka dioramas set up throughout the store. I don’t know if they’re officially licensed but they sure were cool!

Here’s Willy Wonka and the cherry on top.

Didn’t take any pictures in the Shine Gallery, but it was a small gift shop that carried vintage items, like cool metal signs and such.

Eminem made of M&Ms! (Or a generic version of them.)

For 7 bucks you could customize a chocolate bar. I think we got mint cream with cranberries, white chocolate chips, and graham crackers.

While waiting the 20 minutes or so it took for the chocolate to be made, you can see some of the other creations, including this Slimer from Ghostbusters. Not sure what he’s filled with besides ectoplasm.

Finally, our chocolate is done! It was pretty good!

Finally made it to Pink’s! We had a first-timer with us this time.

With dioramas, original artwork (made of candy!), additional stores-within-the-store, several kitchen areas for custom candies and chocolates, and more, it’s easy to see why we have an obesity problem, lol.

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2015 08 15 Sat: Sweet! and Pink’s Hot Dogs


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