Anime Expo 2015, Day 4

The last day of AX is usually a mad rush to get out of the hotel and do a final sweep of the dealers hall before it closes, but since I did most of my poking around yesterday I was able to take it a bit easier and even managed to have breakfast!

They were already kicking us out, lol.

Once we made it back to con we went through the cosplay set area for some pictures. This little Riddler really got into it!

“Have you seen my Valkyrie?”

Ariel! ❤

Snuck some shots of this Madoka in the bedroom set (hence the crop).

Checked out the Nendoroid and Little Witch Academia exhibits (some Nendo shots are in the Day 3 post and album) before going back up to the dealers hall.

Popped into Bluefin (official Gundam US distributor) for a quick sec and saw these Robo Kitties on display.

After the hall closed we went off-site to get some lunch before returning one more time so my friends could take photos of cosplayers, like this female Winter Soldier. Honestly, I was ready to call it by this point but looking back at Day 4 of AX13 (the last time I was at AX), my friends were the ones waiting for me so I guess it was only fair, lol.

Nia from Gurren Lagann! ❤

I’m told this is from Monster Hunters. Hope that poor piggy wasn’t friends with whoever’s roasting on the spit!

One day I will watch One Piece! (Though I’m sure it’ll day a lot more than just one day, lol.)

Never watched Avatar: The Last Airbender, either. ^^;

First time I think I’ve ever seen Garterbelt from Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt.

Only played Mortal Kombat a few times and I’ve only seen the first movie.

Snuck this shot of Saber Lily in the middle of a photoshoot.

Loots! Didn’t actually buy anything; most of it came out of the attendee pack, lol. That included the program, Dragon Ball air freshener, promo card from Summoner’s War, Crunchyroll fan, and coolish tote bag (still not as cool as the one from ALA9 in 2013 though). Got multiples of some items since they had a ton of bags left at the end of the weekend and were giving them out. Other freebies were the Pocky and Gudetama (Sanrio‘s lazy egg character) chopsticks that were being handed out in literal fistfuls! My friend got me the Ariel Pop! ❤ and I finally picked up the commission I'd ordered… at AX12, lol.

It was good to be back to AX after my absence last year and being under the radar let me enjoy it more than I might have otherwise. Still, some of the shine has started to wear off and going to AX (or cons in general) is no longer the must-do that it used to be. Maybe when Looking for Miku is finally done and ready to be shown, I'll be excited for cons once again!

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2015 07 05 Sun: Anime Expo 2015, Day 4

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