Anime Expo 2015, Days 0-2

After taking time out last year to work on Looking for Miku, I managed to make it back to Anime Expo!

While a lot of things were still the same as the last time I went in 2013, some things were different. For example, it actually took longer to walk over to the convention center from the hotel than it took to get my badge! It almost makes that extra ~$5 convenience charge worth it (though they could just build it into the price of the badge instead of tacking it on separately).

The Minions was going to be premiering the next week and they had these awesome posters up on the street!

Kawasumi Ayako Q&A panel on Day 1! Most of the questions were about the Fate series, but there were a few from Mahoromatic!

After the Kawasumi Ayako Q&A panel I stayed for the Studio Trigger panel since I already had a seat, lol.

Prolly the biggest and most amazing WTF of the con, a Big Hero 6 presented by two Disney animators who worked on the film!

We hit up the dance after the Big Hero 6 panel.

Look at all the food trucks! I remember last time (2013) that lot was charging 40 bucks; guess food trucks pay more!

Ran into my friend Mari Aerony (as Yang Xiao Long from RWBY) on Day 2 at a panel and managed to catch up!

This Flash cosplay couple was awesome!

This Harley Quinn was awesome; love the mallet!

I really need to watch Love Live!

Hey, I think I recognize one of these Final Fantasy cosplayers from last year’s Ninja-Con!

Found the AX banner at West Hall!

Ran into my friend Aoi Mizuno, who was working (I believe) at the Viz Booth.

I didn’t really tell anyone besides my roomies that I was going to be attending, so I was able to enjoy the con at a more leisurely pace than I’ve been able to in a while. Even though I missed out on photoshoots and catching up with some folks, I was able to spend more time doing my own thing and it made the time I spent running into friends that much more special! Be sure to check out the other days at con, coming soon!

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2015 07 01-07 03 Wed-Fri: Anime Expo 2015, Days 0-2

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