Final Fairytale MMXV [2015]

The week after saying goodbye to Midnight Shinigami at Tokyo Status, I wound up saying goodbye to Fairytale Boutique as well. 😦

I was meeting up with some friends in Little Tokyo when I heard the sad news that my friend MugiBunny was closing her lolita fashion shop.

Although it was actually open until the end of the month, Fairytale Boutique happened to be holding its final event that day so there were plenty of people in attendance.

Hard to believe that it’s been three years since I attended the Grand Opening, and I was glad that I could be there so I could pay my respects at its closing.

Even though the physical store may be gone, Fairytale’s presence will continue to be felt, as Mugi promises to continue to hold events in Little Tokyo and to maintain an online presence. I wish Mugi lots of luck and hopefully one day Fairytale will return to Little Tokyo!

These are all the photos I took, but be see other albums on my Fan Page on Facebook and be sure to Like The Vault on Facebook, where I’m finally caught up through 2010! 😀

2015 04 26 Sun: Final Fairytale MMXV


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