Tokyo Status Farewell Midnight Shinigami: Part III [2015]

Finally, the third and final album from Tokyo Status Farewell Midnight Shinigami, featuring the evening’s guest of honor!

I met Midnight Shinigami‘s frontwoman Mynx Midnight many moons ago through a mutual friend and lead guitarist Brathzo shortly thereafter. Since then, I’ve had the pleasure of seeing them perform publicly and the privilege of hanging out with them privately and it’s always a joy to be around such creative and energetic people! I was saddened to hear that this was to be their final public performance (at the time) before their planned move out of state.

Everyone was invited to extend their best wishes!

As is usual with Tokyo Status, there were vendors selling their handmade creations.

After some words from both Tokyo Status organizer/Lolita Dark frontwoman Rayko and Stewardess Risu Kim, Midnight Shinigami started its final gig.

As in the previous two albums, the stage was awash in terrible and mixed lighting. While I was still rather liberal in my application of black and white, there are more than a few that I left in color b/c I felt that it enhanced the mood. It’s also possible that I prolly just got used to the heavy blue cast by this point. ^^;

Anison USA‘s stage was too cramped for me to get any good shots of the drummer, so I made up for it this time! (Still didn’t manage to catch her name, though. ^^; )

Mynx always seems to be happy to see me!

Used black and white since you can actually see Brathzo’s face in this one and he didn’t look so great in blue. ^^;

Michael’s trying very hard to keep a straight face, which is always a challenge when Andy’s around!

In the eye of the storm…. One of my favorite shots in this album, but I can’t really explain why. ^^;

Midnight Shinigami played a great set as always, and I wanted to make sure I recorded their last song for posterity’s sake. Little did I know that the “last song” would wind up running 55 minutes and turn into an impromptu jam session involving fans, Tokyo Status flight crew, and members of Lolita Dark, lol. But that’s Midnight Shinigami for you — always doing something unexpected and having a good time doing it! It was a great way to cap a multi-year career and to close out a night of awesome performances. I trimmed it down to two songs, which you can view on my YouTube Channel.

See the full album on my Fan Page on Facebook, check out the two videos on my YouTube Channel, and be sure to Like The Vault on Facebook, where I’m finally caught up through 2010! 😀

2015 04 18 Sat: Tokyo Status Farewell Midnight Shinigami: Part III

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