Anison USA 2015, Day 2: Part II

Finally finishing off my three album set from this year’s inaugural Anison USA! Despite losing a grip of files in my hard drive crash, I do think these are quite representative of the second half of the second evening‘s performances, which featured my friends from Lolita Dark and, of course, headliner Momoi “Halko” Haruko.

Out of everyone in Lolita Dark, I think I’ve known K-Lu the longest, from her days in Midnight Shinigami!

It’s hard getting a clean shot of Patrick’s face b/c his hair’s always in the way, but here he is!

I love this photo b/c the head of Rayko‘s guitar lines up just right and makes Rain look like a superhero!

Rayko looks bad@$$ whether she’s in color or black and white!

Time for the headliner, Momoi Haruko! If you look closely, you can see Lolita Dark’s Rayko in her hiding spot! She was translating for Momoi-san.

I love the sea of glowsticks!

Caught Chii Sakurabi enjoying Momoi Haruko’s performance!

I can’t remember at this point if they were selling glowsticks, but this guy had some fancy ones!

Momoi Haruko looks out at the audience with the roses that the CEO presented to her.

Time for an encore!

With the live performances over, it’s time for the lovely DJ Meirlin to spin some tunes!

Anison USA was such a cool event featuring great local bands and a veritable Japanese pop idol icon, and I wish them many successful future events!

See the full album on my Fan Page on Facebook and be sure to Like The Vault on Facebook, where I’m finally caught up through 2010! 😀

2015 03 14 Sat: Anison USA 2015, Day 2: Part I

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