Anison USA 2015, Day 2: Part I

Even though I lost a ton of photos from Anison USA in my hard drive crash, I did manage to recover more than a few so it’s taken a bit to go through them all. In fact, I’m going to have to upload in two parts, since it’s been over three months since the event and I’d like to get at least these uploaded before the break! This post covers the first four acts.

The second day of Anison USA took place at The Terrace in Pasadena and featured many local and awesome bands. You may notice there are a lot more black and white shots here than usual. I recently learned that many concert photographers use black and white when they can’t color correct the venue’s lights to their satisfaction. What a handy trick! πŸ˜€

This was the first time I’d ever seen Ichigo Crush perform so I don’t know a whole lot about them, but they were really good!

Besides the performances, Tune in Tokyo provided the music in between sets and there were raffles with prizes from Fine Horse Cosplay. Here is one of the prize winners with the Anison USA CEO, event emcee voice actress Cristina Vee, and a rep from Fine Horse Cosplay (one of the event’s sponsors). He holds up his copy of Mahoromatic, one of my favorite series (except for that last episode >< )!

Chii Sakurabi was the second act, and she struck many cute poses during her performance!

I don’t know how I got this halo effect, but I like it! πŸ™‚

Cristina Vee introduces Stephanie Yanez and all hnnng breaks loose. Seriously, if there’s a job just following her around all day taking pictures of her being gorgeous, I want it!

Stephanie Yanez was the third act of the night!

This photo looks so much better in black and white, trust me!

I’ve seen this guitarist at other shows since Anison and I just might kind of have a thing for her!

Mynx Midnight of Midnight Shinigami. I like this one a lot, but don’t look too closely; there’s a reason why it’s black and white!

With all the energy on stage, I’m surprised everyone actually came in pretty much in focus here!

Mynx always looks great (when she’s not derping, haha)!

Brathzo is always rocking but managed to get him being relatively still for once!

Unfortunately, all of the shots I took of the venue itself (which was actually pretty cool) are lost but there are more shots from the event on Facebook!

See the full album on my Fan Page on Facebook and be sure to Like The Vault on Facebook, where I’m finally caught up through 2010! πŸ˜€

2015 03 14 Sat: Anison USA 2015, Day 2: Part I

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  1. YepThatSarah says:

    Christina Vee is sexy πŸ™‚

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