Anison USA 2015, Day 1: Momoi Haruko Mini Live

You may or may not remember that I suffered a total hard drive crash (again OTL) right after Anison USA took place. While I was trying to deal with that, I got my color-corrected footage back from my DP so I was/am sidetracked (or, more optimistically, retracked) by Looking for Miku. Anyway, here are some of the photos I was able to recover from the first night of Anison USA!

I first heard about this multi-day celebration of music from my friend Brathzo of Midnight Shinigami at PMX 2014, and was happy to be able to check it out, especially since I hadn’t really been to an event since January!

Anison USA is an attempt to bring the Anison (anime song) experience to the US by showcasing Japanese and American music idols and bands. For this first-time event, the “Original Queen of Akiba” Momoi Haruko (桃井 はるこ) was the headliner. Cherry Jelly ProductionsRisaLight was the event’s MC and led an interview session with Momoi-san!

Halko did live renditions of several of the many characters she’s voiced through her career.

A Kinomoto Sakura cosplayer with Cerberus enjoy the interview session.

Halko called up this awesome cosplayer for a photo! Did I say cosplayer? I meant crossplayer!

Tune in Tokyo‘s DJ Greg and Midnight Shinigami’s frontwoman Mynx Midnight came out to support and to check out the performance!

In full cosplay as Nakahara Komugi, the character she voiced in Nurse Witch Komugi (ナースウィッチ小麦ちゃんマジカルて), Halko performed several classic songs as an appetizer for her full performance the following evening.

You can’t have a concert without the glowsticks!

The CEO for the event got on stage to say a few words. He was really passionate about what he wanted to do with the event, which was to bring the Anison experience to American fans.

This Cardcaptor Sakura cosplayer was so sweet! She gave me a little charm as a thank you for taking her picture, so I’m super glad I was able to recover her photos! ^^

Unfortunately, many of the photos from before and towards the end of the evening, along with the video I took, is lost to the ages (or until I feel like ponying up for data recovery). Still, I hope you enjoy these surviving photos!

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2015 03 13 Fri: Anison USA 2015, Day 1: Momoi Haruko Mini Live

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  1. Grateful Geek says:

    Sorry about your photos! I know how much that sucks :\

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