2014: The Year in Photoshoots

Continuing on with recaps of 2014, here are all the photoshoots I was able to do! Since I was mainly working on my short film Looking for Miku, I didn’t get to do too many of them, but that made them even more special to me!

Tokari Maids Photoshoot (legit)

After wrapping Looking for Miku, I kicked off the year with a “legit” photoshoot with the Tokari Maids! The Maids rented a studio and everything, and I was lucky enough to be invited to participate. It was a great learning experience and I had lots of fun trying out different things!

Hikari Yukata Ver. Photoshoot

Shortly afterwards, Tokari Maid Hikari asked me to join her in Little Tokyo to shoot her in her lovely yukata. I enjoyed getting to know her as we checked out (and got chased out of ^^; ) all the picturesque spaces that the area has to offer!

Princess Jellyfish Photoshoot

At FanimeCon, I was lucky enough to run into Sojian-senpai not once, but twice! And both times, he happened to be going to shoots with the lovely Itsuka and her friends, so I was happy to tag along. ^^ The first session was with Itsuka and Suu Te Foo for their Princess Jellyfish photoshoot. Where the lighting was good, it was great! But where it was bad, it was terrible. Still, it was a fun time meeting a new friend and learning about characters that some other friends had been talking about for ages!

Fate/Zero Photoshoot

The second shoot of Fanime was of Itsuka’s Fate/Zero group! Besides meeting more new friends, I learned some new editing techniques which I hope will be handy in the future!

Ninja-Con 2014 Photoshoots

Since I was staffing Ninja-Con, I was really only able to do a few super-quick shoots (*cough* steal shots *cough*), including a couple with my friends Aoi Mizuno & shyot and Michael, before doing a private mini-shoot with Akana Amemoto (pictured above).

Tokari Maids of Ninja-Con 2014 Photoshoot

Of course, during the course of my official duties, I did get to shoot with the lovely Tokari Maids once more!

Catty Noir Photoshoot

The final shoot of the year was at PMX 2014 with my friend GNB Cosplay. Even though I’ve known and shot with Chocolate Covered Cosplay for years, this was the first time doing an actual solo shoot with Ginger!

Hopefully I’ll get to spend more time with friends new and old in 2015!

Check out the posts linked above for expanded photoshoot coverage from 2014, see full albums on my Fan Page on Facebook, and be sure to Like The Vault on Facebook, where I’m finally caught up through 2010! 😀

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