2014: The Year in Events

Last week I covered 2014’s cons, but since there were many one-time as well as first-time (for me) events last year, I figured I’d recap those as well!

Evangelion 3.0/anohana The Movie

After wrapping Looking for Miku the weekend before, I kicked off 2014 with two different movies on two different nights at the Downtown Independent! While I’ve never been much of a fan of Neon Genesis Evangelion, I did like Evangelion: 2.0 You Can (Not) Advance enough (Mari, hnnnnng) to check out its sequel, Evangelion: 3.0 You Can (Not) Redo. And AnoHana is one of my favorite series, so you know I had to check out the movie recap/sequel on the big screen!

Tune in Tokyo 5th & YSTK Release Party

In early February, my friends at Tune in Tokyo celebrated their 5th anniversary with an art show as well as a release party for YSTKzine, a new project from the Ultranimbus artist collective.

Spaghetti Night Tuesday on W̶e̶d̶n̶e̶s̶d̶a̶y̶ SAT

One of the many ways I got to spend time with the Tokari Maids at the beginning of last year was when they held an event to celebrate the mid-season return of The Walking Dead!

Tiger & Bunny The Movie: The Rising

Another trip to the Downtown Independent to check out the new Tiger & Bunny movie! That series has a curiously large female fanbase, as evidenced by all the squealing during the screening, lol.

FFX/X-2 HD Remaster official gallery exhibit

Got to briefly check out the art show featuring artwork and goods from Final Fantasy X.

Apocalipstick Live at the Good Hurt

Was excited to see my friends from Apocalipstick perform at the Good Hurt, even if some of the clientele wasn’t exactly the best, orz.

In the Name of the Moon

I was able to get a brief glimpse at the Sailor Moon-inspired art show at Q Pop. The line was insane and they actually had to turn people away! D:

Monterey Park Cherry Blossom Festival
PMX/Infotakus Cosplay Runway Show
dolldelight/J-Fashion Show

The Monterey Park Cherry Blossom Festival is a perennial favorite! The free event always attracts cosplayers of all types, and PMX generally does a good job showing them off to the public!

Nishi Hongwanji Buddhist Temple Obon Festival

Hadn’t been to an Obon Festival in a long time, and it was way out in Sun Valley. This was the first time I went to the ones near Little Tokyo!

74th Annual Nisei Week+Sunday Sessions

I always try to check out Nisei Week in the summer but this was the first time I’d gone to the Sunday Sessions!

626 Night Market, Day 3.3

I also went to the 626 Night Market for the first time when I brought my family along. I went primarily for the cosplay contest, but we got to sample many tasty noms, too!

Pink’s Hot Dogs 75th Anniversary

After an aborted attempt to get to PMX 2014 for Day 1, we stumbled upon Pink’s 75th Anniversary celebration! We’d just missed the Dogs for Charity event, but that didn’t make our meals any less tasty!

Make every day a special event! Here’s to many more in 2015!

Check out the posts linked above for expanded event coverage from 2014, see full albums on my Fan Page on Facebook, and be sure to Like The Vault on Facebook, where I’m finally caught up through 2010! 😀

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