New and Improved Blog Pages!

It’d been a very, very long time since I’d gone to an event like this (and covered it in this fashion *cough* spray and pray *cough*), but it was an awesome weekend at Anison catching up with and watching performances by some super-talented friends, including Cristina Vee, Midnight Shinigami, Lolita Dark, and Tune in Tokyo — many of whom I hadn’t seen in ages!

Of course, since the 2015 New Year’s Celebration was the last event I went to prior to this, there won’t be any new event coverage for the next little while as I go through all of these photos. *gross sobbing* But don’t despair! There’ll still be new posts every Tuesday, as usual!

This week, I’m highlighting some of the revamped and new Pages you see across the top just under the banner.

For the Ariel Page, which features favorite items from my collection, I’ve added “Worlds Apart” by Lars Loma, which talks about this stunning piece as well as what information I could find about the series.

There’s also an Archive Page now! I’ve been trying to catalog all of my Facebook albums, but since Facebook keeps eating my Notes, I figured that putting the listing here would be better. The full Archive is collected by year, but there are also indexes of just Photoshoots and Cons and Events. Since many of my older Facebook albums were originally posted to my private account, I’m slowly migrating stuff from before mid-2013 over to The Vault on Facebook and I hope to update the Archive regularly! (Note that the Archive isn’t of the posts on this blog, which can be searched via the search box on the right.)

That’s all for this week, but stay tuned for my annual recaps coming over the next few weeks, and feel free to click on over to either of my Facebook Pages, jimsha and jimsha: The Beginning Story!


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