Catty Noir Photoshoot [2014]

Sorry for skipping the last couple of weeks! Between Presidents Day and Lunar New Year (Gong Hei Fat Choi, by the way!) it’s been kind of busy. But anyway, let’s finally wrap up 2014 with this post!

I ran into my friend GNB Cosplay during PMX 2014 and we did a photoshoot! I haven’t shot with her in forever–the last time was when I stole shots during my friend Megaman’s shoot during Nisei Week 2012 and the last proper shoot was the group shoot with Chocolate Covered Cosplay during FanimeCon 2012. :O

Ginger was cosplaying Catty Noir, a werecat who happens to be a pop star and teen idol attending Monster High. I don’t really know too much about Monster High except that some of my friends are crazy about it. xD Apparently, it’s a franchise based on a line of dolls created by Mattel featuring characters inspired by monster movies, sci-fi horror, thriller fiction, and other creatures.

Ginger is already tall and her boots made her even taller; it was hard getting shots at eye level! xD;;

Look at those crazy boots! How did she even manage to get anywhere?? :O

Besides walking, I'm not sure how Ginger sat, either–since she's a werecat, she also has a tail!

During our shoot, my senpai Sojian happened to be walking by and I managed to rope him into helping me with poses! He came up with lots of awesome ideas right off the top of his head and suggested camera placement and everything.

The editing of these photos was probably the biggest challenge I’ve ever faced, since Ginger hadn’t colored her hands and asked that I do them for her! D: Most of the time my edits just involve cropping and rotating, so I’m even worse at the post side of things than the actual shooting. v_v I did the best that I could, but maybe one day when I improve my Photoshop skills I’ll be able to revisit these and do them properly. Until then, I hope you enjoy these photos from our shoot!

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2014 11 08 Sat: Catty Noir Photoshoot

Full Coverage of PMX 2014:

Pacific Media Expo 2014, Day 2
Catty Noir Photoshoot [2014]


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