Pacific Media Expo 2014, Day 2

Even though we enjoyed going to Pink’s on Day 1 of PMX, my friends and I were determined to get to PMX for Day 2!

Last year, I’d spent the entire con shooting Looking for Miku, so it was good to be able to just hang out and enjoy PMX at my own pace. If you don’t count Hatsune Miku Expo (I don’t), I hadn’t been to a con since Ninja-Con back in June — and since I was staffing Ninja-Con, I hadn’t really attended a con since FanimeCon in May! :O

Hey, it’s my friend Aoi Mizuno as Queen of Hearts Haruhi! Hadn’t seen her and shyot since Ninja-Con. :O Took many tries and didn’t realize my settings were all screwed up until way afterwards. :p I’d forgotten how terrible the lighting at the Hilton is!

Phoenix’s friends were photobombing some of her shots!

I’m not sure what franchise he’s from, but it was a cool outfit. Reminds me of Finn from Adventure Time!

Ready-made cosplays for sale in the dealers hall.

Lots of prize figures and model kits here, too!

The booth for Music Guest of Honor heidi. Missed their and Lolita Dark‘s performance the night before. 😦

Awesome artwork for sale! I believe this is the PascualProductions booth.

You can usually find some cool and rare second-hand goods at the Swap Meet!

Ran into this awesome Rogue on the way out to dinner.

Briefly checked out the US Pump Festival, which is a competition centered on the Korean dance game Pump it Up. Didn’t really notice, but I’m sure they used tons of K-pop songs!

Had never really spent much time in the Gaming Area before, but one of my friends invited me to check it out.

While I didn’t take too many photos, I did get to do a photoshoot with my friend GNB Cosplay (post coming soon). It was good to finally get back to a con and hang out with friends, many of whom I hadn’t seen in a very long time!

See the full album on my Fan Page on Facebook, check out the video on my YouTube Channel, and be sure to Like The Vault on Facebook, where I’m finally caught up through 2010! 😀

2014 11 08 Sat: PMX 2014, Day 2

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Pacific Media Expo 2014, Day 2
Catty Noir Photoshoot [2014]

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