Pink’s Hot Dogs 75th Anniversary [2014]

Tried to get to PMX after work, but by the time I picked up my friends and fought through traffic, Registration had already closed for the day. So, we wound up taking a road trip to Pink’s instead!

It’d been many years since I’d been to Pink’s and I certainly made up for lost time with another trip so soon after the previous one in September!

Little did we know that Pink’s was celebrating its 75th Anniversary. While we had missed their 75¢ Chili Dogs, we still managed to see the photo booth, the decorations, the news reporters, and (of course) the massive line of hungry people!

You can pretend to be the Wienerschnitzel hot dog! Waitaminnit….

Sweet ride that was parked right out front.

The door was done up special to promote the 75¢ “Chili Dogs for Charity” event which ran for a week and supported a different charity every night.

I went with my old stand-by, the Mulholland Drive Dog!

I love eating at Pink’s, and spending time with friends is always great, too. I just wish the lines weren’t always so long!

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2014 11 07 Fri: Pink’s Hot Dogs 75th Anniversary


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