74th Annual Nisei Week Japanese Festival, Days 2 and 8 + Sunday Sessions [2014]

Headed out to Little Tokyo for Nisei Week like I usually do to hang out with friends and watch the Grand Parade, but this time my friends had heard about a free event at Grand Park so we went to check it out. Well, they went to check it out, then when I finally got to Little Tokyo they took me over there, lol. ^^;

Headed over to Little Tokyo for the festival’s Grand Parade, which was already underway! Here is my friend, Risa, marching with her friends from Cherry-Jelly Productions!

My friend, 2011 Nisei Week Queen Erika Mariko Olsen (striped shirt), was one of the emcees/on-air personalities for the parade (though she doesn’t feature in the short montage on my YouTube Channel, unfortunately). I got this “great” shot of her with my friends Brinni and Tomoyo. OTL

Ran into my friend Kazumi, whom I hadn’t seen in ages! ❤

Grand Park is “the park for everyone”, and this multilingual sign embodies its slogan!

Lots of folks present for dancing, drinking, and just plain hanging out.

Grand Park is on the other side of City Hall from Little Tokyo.

On the way back, I saw this pole with all of Los Angeles’ Sister Cities listed on it.

Went back to Little Tokyo the following weekend to meet up with friends who’d gone to the Ramen Festival (they said it wasn’t worth it). While I was looking for them, I ran into my friends from Chocolate Covered Cosplay, Ashi-Chan and GNB Cosplay! Hadn’t seen them in forever, either! ❤

While the event at Grand Park wasn't really my thing, it was fun to hang out with folks I hadn't seen in a while and to check out the area since I'd never been there before. And, I still managed to catch a bit of the Grand Parade!

I'm back! ^_^ See the full album on my Fan Page on Facebook, check out the video on my YouTube Channel, and be sure to Like The Vault on Facebook, where I’m finally caught up through 2010! 😀

2014 08 10 Sun/08 16 Sat: 74th Annual Nisei Week+Sunday Sessions


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