Nishi Hongwanji Buddhist Temple Obon Festival [2014]

I’m back with new content! Did you miss me? 😉

This was my first time checking out the twin Obon Festivals that Nishi Hongwanji Buddhist Temple and Zenshuji Soto Mission put on. While the Mission’s festival is in its 56th year, I’m not sure how long the Temple has been running theirs.

You might not be able to make them out, but a couple of the lanterns say “1905-2005”.

There was a surprising amount of people in attendance, and lots of kids running around.

The temple was actually quite large inside. There were several rooms for meditation and there were some exhibits set up. We didn’t stay very long, though.

There was a little bit of a farmers’ market set up in the parking lot.

There were a bunch of food booths and further in was where they held the Bon Odori dancing.

Quite a few game stalls were set up as well.

Afterwards, we headed out and went to the Zenshuji Soto Mission Annual Obon Matsuri, but they were pretty much wrapping things up. Maybe next year!

Such a lovely view of downtown! The Temple and Mission are both on the outskirts of the Little Tokyo District in Los Angeles.

I’d never been up in this area previously, so it was fun to go exploring with my friends and to see cute little kids running around in their yukatas. We missed most of the Mission’s festival, but since we were already “in the area”, we got to cap off the day with some desserts from The Pie Hole. 🙂

I’m back! ^_^ See the full album on my Fan Page on Facebook and check out The Vault on Facebook, where I’m finally caught up through 2010! 😀

2014 07 13 Sun: Nishi Hongwanji Buddhist Temple Obon Festival


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