[b]Lack Friday 2014

For everyone who celebrates it, I hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

Apologies for not updating this weekend. Long-time readers know that I usually do one (or more) special update during the long weekend to highlight the figure-related Black Friday sales I run across, but this year the offerings were pretty lackluster so I decided not to bother.

Hobbylink Japan had some pathetic discounts; you could get the maximum discount of 17% (which kind of brought their prices in line with the every day prices you find at e-tailers such as Amiami and HobbySearch) if you spent 30,000yen and used PayPal’s Billing Agreement — which meant you automatically lost 3% by using PayPal’s craptastic currency conversion rate. Plus, you could only get the discount if you ordered and paid during the promotional period. Having bought from them before, I can tell you it takes them at least 2 or 3 days to bill you, so last-minute gifts are never a good idea during their “sales” lest your payment go through after the promotional period.

Still, I guess that’s better than what a lot of the domestic US retailers were offering. RACS had the same 15% off that they usually do on Friday, but most of their figures were over-priced to begin with; Toyslogic offered free shipping but not much else; and both Toylet and Hobbyfan didn’t announce any sales on their front pages and their Specials pages seemed to be largely unchanged from before the weekend.

Amid all these disappointments, the Epic Fail of the Year Award once again goes to Kotobukiya‘s US Store for how spectacularly they managed to bugger up their Cyber Monday Sale. I’ve had issues with them before, but this one takes the cake. It took them ten hours from the scheduled start of their sale to get their servers working properly, and even then I’m not sure if it’s because they finally got their act together or if people had just given up and stopped hammering their site. The lucky few who got through during the site’s intermittent up-time were greeted with full-priced items, already sold-out exclusives, and extremely slow checkouts that often resulted in items being removed from their carts. Hundreds of people from around the world took to their Facebook Page to blast them for their inability to learn from past mistakes as well as their lack of updates during the ordeal.

Anyway, stay tuned for my regular weekly update, coming later today!


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