Anime Los Angeles 7, Day 2 [2011]

Breaking into 2011 with my first trip to Anime LA!

First time I’d ever gone to this con and got there hella late, so I only made it to one Gathering — the one for Soul Eater. Here’s future friend Star Cat as Death the Kid!

Whoa, it’s future friend Sai Rei! … and it only took us another two and a half years until we finally did a photoshoot of her Eruka Frog cosplay, lol.

Future friend Mouse was there, too!

Interrupted a photoshoot to get this shot of Lilith from Darkstalkers. xD

Having never watched Bleach, I’m not sure if that guy belongs there. ^^;

I was hoping this Minecraft thingum would transform or something, but it only got chased away by Security. :/

I’m sorry, I thought this bathroom sign was awesome!

Valkyria Chronicles?

This girl was so cute!

I love this. Also the fact that they had all these helpful little stations, and also FOOD [Con Suite]! xD

I’d actually bought the MegaHouse figure of Siggy [Sigui] from Queen’s Blade Rebellion a few months earlier so I figured I ought to take a snap. 🙂 Currently up for sale!

It’s been so long that I don’t know if they were wearing red contacts or if it’s just red-eye from my flash so I left it. ^^; The girl reminds me of Seras Victoria from Hellsing, so that’s what I’m gonna go with. xD;

So glad that shyot convinced me to check out ALA during PMX 2010! Got to hang with KrisZ, MrAnime, Dreamer and others from the AX Forums, and it’s kind of amazing how many people I saw there that eventually became friends, like Sai Rei, Star Cat, and Mouse.

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2011 01 08 Sat: Anime Los Angeles 2011, Day 2*

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