Pacific Media Expo 2010, Days 1-3

PMX was just this weekend and there’s already a post?? LOL, nope! Wrapping up 2010’s coverage with PMX 2010!

After attending for the third time, I finally figured out how to enjoy this con! Wait, why did I go so many times if I didn’t enjoy it? o.Oa

Here’s lead singer Rayko of Dig Jelly after the concert on Friday night. I didn’t get to know Rayko until she founded Lolita Dark, a group I love!

Loved the new location in Pasadena — close to me with free street parking and yum yum nom nom within walking distance! xD Not sure what this group is from, but these cosplays were so elaborate!

I forget which Pretty Cure series they’re from, but I think it’s HeartCatch PreCure!

ninjagal6 (before I met her!) as Noel Vermillion from BlazBlue. Lots of BlazBlue cosplays at this con!

It’s Sushi Monster as Miyamoto Rei from Highschool of the Dead after beating down some zombies. xD Started to recognize faces this con!

It’s PMX’s very own Super Saki as the “Don’t Say Lazy” version of Hirasawa Yui from K-ON!

Pikachu and a trainer (White) from Pokemon. Never seen the show, so I only know Ash, lol. Pikachu is Looking for Miku actor Jackson Chong and White/Hilda is future Tomo Neko Maid Hachiko!

Almost the entire group of SNSD (Girls’ Generation, a South Korean girl group) cosplayers (there were nine in the group). They were just getting out of a performance, apparently, but it wasn’t the Variety Show.

The Pocky Girls with…? right before the Variety Show. See footage of their performance on my YouTube Channel!

It’s future friend Rin Moeslie/Ichigo Dreams as Tokiha Mai from Mai-HiME! She told me I was only the third person to recognize her, despite the fact that they screened episodes Friday. That show needs more love!

Croissant Mask from Air Gear. What? No roller blades? xD PMX was the first time I actually got to talk with Aoi Mizuno and shyot! Aoi and I geeked out over figures and shyot convinced me to go to ALA 2011!

Autograph signing by cast and crew of The Warrior’s Way. Totally missed the panel, though. Almost four years later, I finally watched the movie. It was actually pretty fun!

PMX 2010 was the con where I first met good friends Aoi Mizuno, shyot, Akana Amemoto (who was still going by hidekowin at the time), Super Saki, Ichigo Dreams, and Looking for Miku actor Jackson Chong. I also crossed paths with ninjagal6 and future Tomo Neko Maid Hachiko for the first time. Bonds were forged then that continue to this day, and I’m genuinely grateful for all of them!

See the full album at The Vault on Facebook, check out the videos on my YouTube Channel, and be sure to Like my main Fan Page on Facebook so you can be alerted to my return!

2010 11 12-11 14 Fri-Sun: Pacific Media Expo 2010, Days 1-3*

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