Anime Expo 2010, Day 2

Another trip down Memory Lane, with remastered photos from Anime Expo 2010, Day 2!

On Day 2, I actually managed to get to con at a respectable hour. Here’s the Tokyopop bus in front; this was the last con before they shut down. :<

Gundam? He was working the Bluefin booth and they has the Gundams, so it’s a logical choice. xD

Soul Eater‘s Maka, Death the Kid, and… the twins. Yeah, still need to watch this. Wait… is that Mouse’s Cosplay? :3a

I recognize Velvet (third from the left) and I think that’s Mercedes (far left), which makes this Odin’s Sphere?

EDIT: Gwendolyn, Mercedes, Velvet, and Oswald! Thanks to SleepyD for the IDs!

Kasumi from Dead or Alive? I only recognize her from a figure I’ve seen of her, lol.

Orihime Inoue from Bleach? A long-running show I will watch one day. Seriously.

She reminds me of Disgaea so that’s what I’m going with!

Probably the most awesomest Dead Master ever. That scythe is wood and heavy as crap!

Fujiko Mine from Lupin III, another show on the list.

Stupidly passed on the May’n and Megumi concert b/c I didn’t want to do three concerts in a row (AKB48 on Day 1 and MELL the evening of Day 2). My cousin texted me when Yoko Kanno came on stage. Still kicking myself over that one. Dx I kind of made up for it by going to my very first Cosplay Gathering, the Haruhi x Lucky☆Star Gathering! Check out some videos from this on my YouTube Channel!

Is that Momohime from Oboro Muramasa? Why’s she posing with Yuffie from Final Fantasy VII (FFVII)?? Because I TOLD THEM TO! I don’t care, I’M NOT A GAMER! Muahahahaha!!!

Saw Dokuro-chan riding the escalator while we were going the opposite direction. Surprised this came out at all, but I’m glad it did! xD

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2010 07 02 Fri: Anime Expo 2010, Day 2*

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  1. Denny Sinnoh says:

    I’m accumulating a lot of lists too …

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