Valley Gakuen/Pacific Media Expo Cosplay Contest [2010]

Every so often, PMX holds a swap meet and/or cosplay contest someplace, and this was one held in conjunction with Valley Gakuen for their Obon Festival back in 2010.

I failed on so many levels with regards to this event. ;_; The AX Forums Meet & Greet I set up was a total bust and I totally forgot to charge/bring an extra battery with me. So in a futile attempt to conserve power, I turned off the display and the flash… resulting in out-of-focus, ill-composed photos. Oddly enough, they don’t look much worse than my usual offerings. :/

I also missed the bulk of the entries, and there were some pretty good ones. Ah, well, hope you enjoy what I was able to get! (I still [in 2014] can’t identify most of these cosplays. ^^; )

Shizuo from Durarara!!

Maka from Soul Eater is actually my friend Jennybelly!

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2010 06 26 Sat: Valley Gakuen/Pacific Media Expo Cosplay Contest


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