Cherry Blossom Festival of Southern California [2010]

Pacific Media Expo ran a cosplay contest co-sponsored by Japanese Language School Unified System (Kyodo System)’s Valley Gakuen on Saturday during Little Tokyo‘s last proper (as of 2014) Cherry Blossom Festival in 2010. I mostly only took pics of the cosplayers. ^^ Managed to get a video clip up on my YouTube channel but missed Haruka’s antics. 😦

Haruka from FLCL was cosplayed by my friend Sai Rei (before I met her)! Really wish I’d gotten video of her, she was rolling around (literally) on the stage and having a great time. She eventually won for Most Spirited or the like.

Oerba Dia Vanille from Final Fantasy XIII, which had just come out in North America. Quite a cutie! ^^ She came in first place in the contest. Well deserved — look at all that bead work!

Princess Garnet from Final Fantasy IX.

Most (if not all) of the entrants, including the wheelchair-bound Rufus Shinra from Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children in the lower left corner.

Stryyder from the Anime Expo Forums cosplaying Mushishi.

Another cutie, Simca from Air Gear. Second place winna!! It’s actually my friend Aoi Mizuno, before I met her! 😀

Award winners! Some of the pics I tried to snap of the awards portion got nuked b/c the girl in front of me decided to wave her Census 2010 fan instead of clapping. >.< Why'd she even have one of those; the census was already over by then, lol.

After the contest, a bunch of folks got together in front of the Japanese American National Museum.

Non-cosplaying cosplayers! ^^ j/k Not sure if they were performing, didn’t really catch too much else of the festival.

Obligatory loot post. Not too much loots this time, but it’s not every day you can find something like this Mahoromatic DVD set below retail in any B&M, let alone Anime Jungle. The clerk warned me there are no subs, but love knows no language. ^^

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2010 04 10 Sat: Cherry Blossom Festival of Southern California

2 Responses to Cherry Blossom Festival of Southern California [2010]

  1. Nhan Fiction says:

    Very cool cosplay. 🙂

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