Pacific Media Expo 2009, Day 2

Here is a brand new, never-before-seen album from The Vault to transition you from the new albums on Jimsha to the archive albums on Jimsha: The Beginning Story as I continue my sabbatical to finish editing my short film, Looking for Miku! 😀

Hey, it’s Maid Momo and friend! PMX 2009 was the first con I was planning to blog about, so I was going to upload this album to WordPress. Of course, due to one thing or another, it never actually happened so here is a look five years into the past! The related videos, however, actually did make it on to YouTube all those ages ago.

Can you believe the original J.J. Abrams reboot (I refuse to believe it’s anything but) of Star Trek was this many years ago?? D:

So many Ramune! This might’ve been the first time I actually tried one, I can’t remember. But it sure would be the perfect way to unwind after circling the parking structure for a full half hour because there were more than a few toolbags who decided that their crappy ride needed two parking spaces. 😛

I’ve only seen the original Lilo & Stitch, so I’m assuming this is Stitch and one of his 625 cousins?

I met her before I met her! It’s my friend Aoi Mizuno as Sawatari Mitsuki from He Is My Master!

Such awesome armor! I’m guessing Cloud‘s on the left so this must be Final Fantasy-related, but which one?

Akiyama Mio from K-ON! Hadn’t seen the show yet at this point (not for another couple of years, I think!) but just thought she looked really cool.

Cutie lolita-style girls sitting in the lobby.

I asked if he was cosplaying Chow Yun-Fat but he said he was cosplaying Mr. Chang, who is based on him, from Black Lagoon.

Harima Kenji and Tenma Tsukamoto from School Rumble! Was excited to see them since I was enjoying the show at the time (don’t get me started on that ending). I think I recognize them now as friends of my friend Aoi Mizuno! :O

Oh, wow — Princess Knight!

CosFest! (Videos linked below.) I think that’s Hagi from Takeriya Samurai.

Organic told me they weren’t going to be going back to PMX, and that they wouldn’t even be doing AX10! T_T They gave me some pretty sweet deals in ’09, and tossed in the Murata Range blindbox and postcard for free when I bought Noriko, Alice, and Mylene. Got the Hattori Mitsuru book at the swap meet; I loved Umishou and I find his character designs really appealing. Almost missed getting my ShizNat b/c they were in a bin of loose trading figs at the Toy Mandala booth, but luckily I saw them! ^_____^ Picked up Eri and Saki, too. The rest were from some of the other vendors at the con.

While it still wasn’t a great con, I did manage to take some photos. Since these have never been released before, I went ahead and did some light editing to them. It felt really weird to do it to such old photos, lol.

See the full album at The Vault on Facebook, check out the videos on my YouTube Channel, and be sure to Like my main Fan Page on Facebook so you can be alerted to my return!

2009 11 07 Sat: PMX 2009, Day 2


2 Responses to Pacific Media Expo 2009, Day 2

  1. Denny Sinnoh says:

    Loving Los Lobby Lolitas : )

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